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                                  Review of International Co-operation

Vol. 88 No. 1/1995

Editor: Mary Treacy

Editorial Assistant: Laura Wilcox



       President's Message

       ICA Centennial 
       by Graham Melmoth

       The Night the Lights were Lit 
        by David Thompson

       Celebratory Keynote Address 
       by Johnston Birchall

       The Massive Movement that Grew from Rochdale's Tiny Store
        by Iain Williamson

        ICA President C.J.D.C. Goedhart 
        by Jon. van Goal

        Origins of the Rainbow Flag and the International Co-operative  Day
         by Alina Pawlowska

        The ICA in 1927 (International Co-operative Bulletin No. 2, 1928)

        The Idea and Basics of Co-operation - Global Perspectives and
         Danish Tradition
         by Claes Bjorn

         Is Co-operation Proletarian?
         by Charles Gide

         The Evolution of Co-operative Thought in France
          by Andre Chomel

          Banking in Eastern Europe - Lessons from German Development
          by Jost W. Kramer

          ICA Membership from Developing Countries
          by J. M. Rana

          The Italian Co-op Movement and 100 Years of Co-operation
          by Walter Briganti

          Dr. Inazo Nitobe  and Co-ops
          by Yoshiro Takahashi

          The Fall of the Co-operative Movement in Poland
          by Dr Andrzej Maliszewski

          The Alliance and the War - The Co-op Press
          by Henry J. May

          Women in Co-operation
           by Muriel Russell

   ICA Regional Assemblies

             Minutes of the ICA Regional Assembly for Africa
             Minutes of the ICA Regional Assembly for Europe
             Minutes of the ICA Regional Assembly for the Americas
             Minutes of the ICA Regional Assembly for Asia-Pacific

In Memoriam

            William Pascoe Watkins

            Roy Garratt

            Olle Lindstrom

            Alf Carlsson

Book Reviews

Letters to the Editor