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     This document has been made available in electronic 
    format by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         November 1995

                    ICA Studies and Reports
           Co-operatives in Eastern & Central Europe
                  Twenty-fifth in the series

               by Professor Dinonysos Mavrogiannis

About the Author:

Dr Dionysos Mavrogiannis, a retired official of the
International Labour Organisation (ILO), is member of the
Institute of Co-operative Research and Studies of Greece.  He
joined the ILO Branch of Co-operative, Rural and Related
Institutions in 1968. Appointed successively  Director of the
ILO Offices for Central African countries (Kinshasa,
1970-1972), Bangladesh (1973-1974) and the French-speaking
countries of S.E. Asia (Bangkok, 1975-1976), he was
responsible for supervising technical assistance programmes in
the above regions.

As Chief of the Section of Legislation and Studies,
Co-operative Branch (Geneva, 1983-1992), he conducted the
programme of research and studies and provided advisory
services on co-operative policy and legislation in several
countries of Africa, Asia and Europe.  He participated in
various conferences, meetings and workshops. He was also
Co-Director of ILO/Centrosoyus seminars organised in Moscow in
1986 for Women Co-operators from Asia, and in 1989 for Women
Co-operators from Africa.

Prior to that, Dr Mavrogiannis was Research Fellow on African
Co-operative Movements in the Co-operative College of Paris
(1966-1967), Special Adviser to the Confederation of
Agricultural Co-operatives (Paseges) of Greece (1976-1981),
Legal Adviser to the Agricultural Trade Unions (1958-1960) and
Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Athens.

Dr Mavrogiannis  acted as a resource person at the ICA's
Conference on Women Co-operators (Stockholm, July 1988) and in
the ICA's Seminars on Co-operative Legislation held in Prague
(1990) and in Guinea Conakry (1991). He was a member of the
Advisory Committee of the Project of Basic Values (30th ICA
Congress, Tokyo, 1992) and is currently member of the
Consultative Committee of Reformulation of the Co-operative

Graduate in law and economics from the University of Athens,
he specialised in the Social Sciences of Labour, Social Law
and in Social Economy in  Paris  and in Strasbourg. He 
received a State Doctorate  from the University of Paris II.

He is the author of several books, articles and technical
reports on pre-co-operative groups, co-operative policy,
legislation and development; women's involvement  in
co-operatives; co-operatives in transition to the market
economy; favourable conditions for genuine co-operatives in
Africa; trade unions and co-operatives; and thematic analysis
of the ICA Congresses.

Dr Mavrogiannis was professor of Rural Sociology in the
University of Kinshasa (1971 and 1972), of Law and Sociology 
at the Democritos University of Thrace (1977-1982) where he
was elected Rector and of Industrial Sociology at the
University Macedonia of Salonica (1979-1981).