Development Activities - Agricultural Co-operative Management Training (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
February, 1997
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1996)

	       Agricultural Co-operative Management Training

Eleventh Management Training Course for Agricultural 
Co-operative Managers

The  ICA/Japan Training Course for Strengthening 
Management of Agricultural Co-operatives in Asia, 
being held by the International Co-operative Alliance, 
for the last ten years with funding support from the 
Government of Japan, Ministry of Agriculture, 
Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) entered into its eleventh 
year during 1996-97.

The Eleventh Course was formally inaugurated at the 
Bonow House, ICA ROAP, on 4th November 1996 
by H.E. Seiji Kojima, Minister in the Embassy of Japan 
in New Delhi. 

Fifteen  participants from ten countries from Asia, i.e. 
Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, 
Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines Sri Lanka and Vietnam 
are attending the course.  The Training Course will be 
held in India, Sri Lanka and Japan from 4th November 
1996 to 20th April 1997. 

The first part of the Training Course was held in the ICA
ROAP Premises from 4th to 16th November, followed 
by a two-day workshop on Management of Processing and 
Marketing Co-operatives at the Vaikunth Mehta National 
Institute of Co-operative Management, Pune. On-the-spot 
study of the working of agricultural co-operatives in 
Maharashtra State India, was carried out from 20th to 
26th November 1996. 

A five-week Management Module was conducted at the 
Institute of Rural Management at Anand with a final wrap 
up session at  the ICA ROAP premises in New Delhi.

The Management Module emphasised on preparation of 
a viable Project Proposal and its appraisal along with 
other inputs on integrated co-operative system, marketing, 
communication, financial management, accounting, 
costing, executive effectiveness, etc. Study visits to 
agricultural co-operatives in Gujarat State were also arranged 
as a part of the programme at IRMA.

A Study Visits programme was conducted in Sri Lanka 
in collaboration with the ICA Member Organisation, 
the National Co-operative Council of Sri Lanka, from 
2nd to 9th January 1997. 

Participants left for their Home Country Assignments 
to prepare co-operative development project proposals for 
their respective co-operatives. Preparation of project 
proposals is a skill development exercise.

The participants  will reassemble at IDACA, in Tokyo, 
from 23rd February to 20th April, 1997 for the second part 
of the training course in Japan. The projects proposals 
prepared by the participants will be appraised by a 
team of resource persons and comments and suggestions 
for improvement will be given. 

The participants will be exposed to the management 
techniques of the Japanese Agricultural Co-operative 
Movement during their  two-month stay in Japan 
including visits to agricultural co-operatives and holding 
discussions with managers, members and co-operative 
leaders. The Course will conclude in Japan on 20th April 

6th Training Course for Rural Women Leaders of Agricultural 
Co-ops in Asia

The ICA/Japan Training  Course for Rural Women Leaders 
of Co-operatives in Asia, sixth in the series, was held at 
the IDACA, Tokyo, Japan, from October 20 to November 
26, 1996. Six women participants, two each from Malaysia, 
Indonesia and   Pakistan attended the course.

The course participants were exposed to the management 
of agricultural co-operatives in Japan, role and participation 
of women in agricultural co-operatives through women's 
associations functioning at different levels, better living and 
cultural activities undertaken by these women's associations. 

The participants also joined in  the study visits organised. 
They have also stayed with  farmers' families to see the 
actual life of co-operative farmers. Study visits to women's 
associations and agricultural co-operatives were arranged 
in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan.

Based on their training and experiences gained in Japan, the 
participants prepared follow-up programmes for implemen-
tation in their respective countries on the various practices 
and procedures that may be adopted. They also participated 
in the Asian Women Farm Leaders Conference held in 
Tokyo - 21st October 1996.  This Conference was  organised 
jointly by the ICA/AARRO/JA-Zenchu and the IDACA.