ICA ROAP Library and Information Service (1996)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
February, 1997
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1996)

	ICA ROAP Library and Information Services

ICA ROAP Library

The Regional Office has a well stocked library having over 
20,000 books on co-operative and allied subjects and over 
6000 booklets. During the year about 500 books were added. 
It receives about 200 journals.  Efforts are being made to 
receive more journals on gratis/complementary exchange basis 
from various  organisations dealing with subjects of readers 
interest. Regular updation on procurement of  co-operative 
publications published all over the world is being done.

In response to our communication to member organisations 
and co-operative institutions to send latest information 
published by them covering recent trends and changes in 
the co-operative law , we have received literature from 
many organisations. 

Computerisation of Library collection
Efforts are being made to computerize co-operative titles 
(1960 -1980) which have been catalogued earlier manually. 
On completion the library will have over 10,000 
computerised titles, which means all co-operative titles 
will be computerised.

Two computerised documentation bulletins have been 
published consisting of 2000 co-op titles published 
from (1989-1995) which have been distributed among 
co-op libraries/researchers for their reference  use.  

Library use and its services to member organisations
The ICA ROAP library is recognised by the University 
Grants Commission of India and the Indian Council of 
Social Science Research (ICSSR) for co-operative research. 
Presently many Ph.D. students/ research scholars are 
making  use of the library.  

Many overseas users are being provided with co-operative
subject bibliographies and statistics and other information.  
It is being appreciated by the recipients.

Apart from the normal users of the library, over 100 
co-operative leaders ,students and teachers of various 
co-op colleges/ training institutions visited the library 
this year.  The Librarian and Documentation Officer 
addressed them and provided information on the ROAP 
and its activities and on recent trends and changes on 
global co-operative movement.

Co-operative publications
One of the ICA's activities which tend to develop over 
the years is publishing of books on various co-operative 
subjects and sectors. The ICA Regional Office for Asia-Pacific 
has become the world's largest publisher of co-operative 
literature. These publications are being disseminated to 
wider audiences both within and outside co-operative circles.

The ISBN and ISSN numbering system for ICA ROAP 
publications and co-operative journals, which was 
introduced in 1994 is being allotted respectively.  This 
has boosted the sale of publications worldwide. 

The sale of publications is being handled by the ICA 

A blue print and action plan  on "Asia-Pacific Co-operative 
Information Resource Centre" had been circulated among 
ICA Regional member organisations and co-operative 
institutions, international organisations ie., ILO and to 
a few eminent co-operators to get their comments, 
suggestions and support for the implementation of this 
plan.  Follow-up action is being taken on this.

Networking and E-mail facility : an essential tool for 
User education
Computers are being used in our library for both house-
keeping activities and information storage and reproduction 
functions. The information stored will be disseminated to 
users world wide through our E-mail services and through 
global networking facility. 

This unique combination of computers and communication 
system will enable the users to avail the maximum data 
in minimum time.