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Consumer Co-operative Development (1998)

June, 1998
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1997, pp.6)

Consumer Co-operative Development

Consumer co-operative development is another major activity of the ICA Regional Office. The Region has a very active Regional Committee on Consumer Co-operation.

During 1997, there were two meetings of the Committee, one at Chiangmai in Thailand, 23 March and the other at Tokyo, 24 October. The first one was attended by 27 members from 12 countries and the second one had 22 participants from 8 countries. The second meeting was held in conjunction with the International symposium on environment organized by the JCCU.

The project has been publishing an in-house bulletin `Asian Consumer Co-op News' and also provides information on consumer co-operative movements and activities through the ICA Regional news bulletin `Asia Pacific Co-op News'.

Support was provided to member consumer co-op movements in the Region in different ways on their requests. Financial support and guidance was also provided to the Thai University Co-operative Federation in close collaboration with the JCCU and the National Federation of University Co-operative Associations (NFUCA), an affiliate of JCCU. Two university co-operative seminars for leaders in Vietnam were facilitated during this period and assisted the Vietnamese member organisation in preparing a model university co-op  law for Vietnam.

Support was also provided for a project  to consolidate co-operatives in the educational institutions in India during the year, including the preparation of a comprehensive data-base and a convention held in Chennai, India during November.

A preliminary study on the consumer co-op situation in Myanmar was prepared.  Another notable activity was a sub-regional seminar on Management of Self-Service Consumer Co-op Store Operations for South Asia,  Mumbai, India, November 22-27, 1997.

During the year, 4 store managers from the Singapore consumer co-operative movement were given a 10-days training with the help of JCCU on modern techniques of super market  management.  Similarly, four store managers from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Tonga and Philippines were attached to FairPrice Co-op Consumer Store chain for 10 days' training in October 1997 in Singapore.

As a part of the special efforts to develop youth co-operators in the consumer co-operative sector, a Sub-Committee on University/College Co-operatives in Asia and the Pacific was functioning in the region. This is a sub-committee of the ICA Committee on Consumer Co-operation for Asia and the Pacific. The sub-committee met in Bangkok during March, 1997 and 28 participants and observers from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam attended.

Financial and technical assistance were provided to India to conduct 5 state-level seminars to consolidate co-operatives in the educational institutions.

Health Care Co-operatives in the Region are served by the Consumer Co-operative Development Project. During August 1997,  the Asia-Pacific Healthcare Co-operative Association (APHCO) was formed  at a meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Dr. Kato, the Chairperson of the International Health Co-op Organisation has been elected as the chairperson of APHCO and the ICA ROAP will function as the Secretary to the APHCO.