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CICOPA Activities (1998)

June, 1998
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1997, pp.10)

CICOPA Activities

During 1997, the CICOPA project has been very active in organising and supporting shoe makers' groups, handloom weavers' groups, and silk rearers' groups in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

An entrepreneurial skill development programme was conducted at Sausar and Sarangpur for the handloom weavers in January.

Various co-operative trade exhibitions were also organised, including one held at Chiangmai, Thailand during March, 1997, which helped group members understand the business mechanism involving shadow pricing, better costing and proper display of products.

An awareness building campaign was organised for the shoe makers in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) during April, 1997. One trainer from FDDI sub-centre, Bhopal was sponsored for the Shoe Design course at the Shoe Design Centre, New Delhi, which has helped the shoe makers' group to improve the design quality of shoes they make.

An intensive co-operative awareness building drive was done for the silk rearers and reelers of various districts of Madhya Pradesh, which resulted in formation of fifteen primary co-operatives consisting of 1200 women members.

The project also provided consultancy services to the Silk Federation, which was finally registered during November, 1997 and the Government of Madhya Pradesh has invested a sum of Rs.7.5 million as share capital of the federation.

The project has also been able to increase the membership of SAMFED, which is a groupment of handloom weavers' co-operatives in Rajasthan, to 22 with a primary  membership of 750.

The project was also instrumental in forming a primary tourism co-operative with 34 members in Rajasthan, for low cost tourism.