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Members reflections on the Impact of ICA's Regional activities in Asia and the Pacific (1998)

June, 1998
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1997, pp.12)

Members reflections on the Impact of ICA's Regional activities in Asia and the Pacific

We have requested our  member organisations in the Region to let us know the impact of our activities on their functioning and operations. A few of them have responded.

The National Confederation of Co-operatives (NATCCO) in the Philippines felt that the Regional Office and Mr. Robby Tulus, the Regional Director have contributed greatly for the Third Co-operative Summit organised by the Co-operative Development Authority (CDA) of the Philippines.

The ICA ROAP's participation in organising the Regional Seminar on Women in Decision Making in Co-operatives in collaboration with the Asian Women in Co-operative Development Forum (AWCF) and the NATCCO was also highly appreciated by the NATCCO and its members.

This was an important event which was attended by a large number of co-operative members from the Philippines and delegates from various parts of the world.

The NATCCO  appreciated the SINCOTAP Programme organised by the ICA ROAP in collaboration with the Singapore National Co-operative Federation.

The Business Development Manager of NATCCO and a board member of an affiliate were trained in Supermarket Operations and Co-op Insurance in Singapore under the Consumer Co-op Development Project.

The National Co-operative Federation of Nepal (NCF) became a member of the ICA during 1997.

The Federation felt that they were immensely benefited by participating at various ICA-organised events including the Asia-Pacific Co-operative Ministers' Conference, ICA General Assembly in Geneva, ICA/IDACA/JA-Zenchu Agricultural Co-operative Top leaders training, ICA/IDACA/JA-Zenchu Afro-Asian Co-operative Women Leaders Conference, ICA Regional workshops on gender integration in co-operatives, etc.

The NCF was also grateful to ICA for having supported a national workshop on Gender Integration in Co-operatives in Nepal and look forward to future collaboration in organising a national women's Forum in 1998.

The Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) appreciated the collaboration extended by ICA in making the Singapore Co-operative Technical Assistance Programme (SINCOTAP) over the last few years for training co-operative managers and leaders from developing countries in various sectors like consumers, insurance, etc., a success.

With the support and technical guidance of the ICA, the SNCF has organised a National Women's Committee consisting of 10 members and the Committee will be organising a National Women's Forum during September, 1998.  The Committee is also expected to be represented at the Regional Women's Forum to be held in Seoul during October, 1998.

The SNCF has representatives in the Global ICA Women's Committee and the Regional Women's Committee.

The SNCF and its affiliates are also very appreciative of the ICA's support and collaboration in organising the ICA/NFUCA/SNCF Regional Campus/Youth Seminar in Singapore during November, 1996.

The ICA has also collaborated and supported various other technical conferences and meetings organised by the SNCF and its affiliates.

The Vietnam Co-operative Alliance (VCA) felt that the ICA's collaboration and support has greatly helped them in drafting the Vietnam Co-operative Law.

The Vietnamese co-operators were also assisted by the ICA in exchange programmes and gained valuable experiences from co-operative movements in Thailand, Japan, etc. through these exchanges.

The VCA also hosted a meeting of the ICA Fisheries Committee for Asia and the Pacific and also sent their delegates to the ICA Regional University/Campus Sub-Committee meeting in Thailand and many other ICA sponsored meetings and seminars.