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Agricultural Co-operative Management Training (1998)

June, 1998
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1997, pp.5)

Agricultural Co-operative Management Training

Agricultural Co-operative Management training has been a  regular activity of the ICA in the Region for the last several years. This is a 6-months course, which aims at training middle level managers of agricultural co-operatives in Asia. Dr. Daman Prakash is the Project Director who coordinates this activity. A total of 15 participants from countries in the Region are selected through nominations from member organisations. The training programme is financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (MAFF) of the Government of Japan.

The course normally starts in October/November and culminates with detailed training at IDACA, Japan and a final appraisal session of projects prepared by the participants. Several of the projects prepared by the past participants of this course are running successfully in different countries.

During the year 1997, study visits programme of the 11th course was held in Sri Lanka, where the participants visited several successful co-operatives and projects of past participants. Also the second part of the 11th course was held at IDACA, including study visits to Japanese agricultural co-operatives, exposing the participants to the Japanese technology in agriculture.

A top leaders' conference on `Collaborative Strategies for the Development of Agricultural Co-operation in Asia' was held at Tokyo 14-19 April.

The conference was jointly organised by the ICA, JA-Zenchu and IDACA. Seven senior level leaders from China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, apart from Japan, participated in the Conference. The participants of the 11th course were also able to attend this conference.

The first part of the 12th training course was inaugurated on 20th October, 1997 by H.E. Sakutaro Tanino, Ambassador of Japan in India. After 10 days of regional review and visits to local co-operative organisations in Delhi, the participants moved to IRMA, Anand for the 5-week module on Management Principles, Methods and Techniques with special reference to Management Leadership Development in Agricultural Co-operatives. A workshop on case-writing organised during this period was also very useful to the participants.

Another programme conducted by the project was the 7th ICA/Japan Training Course for Rural Women Leaders of Agricultural Co-operatives from 10 November-03 December, 1997. The six participants from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan were also able to participate at the second Asian Conference of Women Farm Leaders in Tokyo. The Conference was jointly organised by the ICA-JA-Zenchu/AARRO and IDACA.

Dr. Daman Prakash has also been involved as a member in a Feasibility study on Integrated Development of Rural Co-operatives - KUDs, in Indonesia, conducted by the Japanese International Co-operation Agency and the JA-Zenchu in Indonesia.