Asia-Pacific Co-op Small & Medium Business Network Conference (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
May, 1997
(Source: Coop Dialogue, Vol., No. 1, Jan-April, 1997, pp.40)

Asia-Pacific Co-operative Small and Medium Business Network
Conference and World Co-operative and Small & Medium Exhibition
Jakarta, July 14-15, 1997

The Ministry of Co-operative and Small Enterprises of Indonesia and the
Indonesian Co-operative Consultative Board (BAMUSKOPIN) are jointly
organizing a conference on "Asia-Pacific Co-operative Small and Medium
Business Network Conference" and a "World Co-operative and Small &
Medium Exhibition" at the Jakarta Convention Centre during July 13-18,

The Conference delegates will be able to :
Interact - with prominent government leaders from Asia, America and the
Pacific, and leaders of multilateral institutions who are responsible for
priorities, initiatives, programs and projects for enhancing the strategic
importance of co-operatives and SMEs in their respective countries;
Learn -  the current position of SMEs and co-operatives in APEC's
eighteen member economies;

Understand - the opportunities for developing strategic alliances and the
important legal, financial and political challenges that will be involved
when pursuing various forms of business co-operation among SMEs and
co-operatives of APEC member economies;

Build - a network of influential public and private sector contacts,
including international/multilateral agencies relevant to the development of
SMEs and co-operatives at the highest levels; and

Explore - possibilities with potential customers and/or strategic alliance
partners from the public and private sectors of participating economies.
Topics of Conference:

1.	Free Trade and Investment:
*	World Trade Organization
*	Regional and International Trade

2.	Co-operative Values in Response to the Globalized Economy:
*	Co-operative principle and co-operative business
*	Roles of co-operative as a holding company.

3.	Strategic Alliances Development:
*	Business interdependence and inter-linkages among the co-operative
movements and SMEs within the Asia and Pacific region.
*	Prospect of joint ventures and trade among the co-operative
movements within the Asia and Pacific region.
*	Best practices on strategic alliances between the large and small
businesses including the co-operatives.

4.	Business Information Network:
*	The utilization of information technology for co-operative business
*	The utilization of market information network for co-operatives and
*	The utilization of credit information for inter-lending network of co-
operatives and SMEs.

5.	Institutional Setting:
*	International Business Networking
*	Establishing Institutional Network.

Conference participants will consist of SMEs executives, co-operative
leaders, and policy makers from 18 Asia-Pacific member economies. The
World Co-operative and Small and Medium Exhibition participants will be
drawn from co-operatives and SMEs from throughout the world.

Time and Venue
The Asia-Pacific Co-operative and Small & Medium Business Network
Conference and The World Co-operative and Small & Medium Exhibition
will be held at the Jakarta Convention Centre on July 13-18, 1997.
Product Exhibition

During the conference, a "World Co-operative and Small & Medium
Exhibition" will be held simultaneously to enable participating countries to
promote the products of their co-operatives and SMEs, thereby facilitating
their first step toward entering the international market.

Registration Fee
The registration fee to attend the Conference is US$300, which includes
participation in all conference sessions, morning and afternoon tea and
coffee and lunch daily, bound copies of speaker's presentations and
invitations to social programs.

For more information and registration, please contact:
Royalindo Convention Int'l
Hotel Wisata International
Office Tower, Suit 302
Jl. M.H. Tamrin
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel. (62)21-314-0982
Fax: (62)21-315-0886/334-570