Training Opportunities (1997)

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by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
May, 1997
(Source: Coop Dialogue, Vol., No. 1, Jan-April, 1997, pp.23-31)

Training Opportunities
International Institute, Histadrut, Israel

Non-Formal Education and Youth Leadership - (1-31 July, 1997)
Programme of the Course: 
Principles and practices of non-formal education; community intervention
strategies; social-psychology of adolescence; the integration of
marginalised youth; curriculum development; vocational training;
community service; recreation, youth movements; leadership skills -
communication, planning, management, decision making.

Requirements for Admission :
Designed for young leaders, activities and officials in non-governmental
and governmental organisations concerned with developing non-formal
education programmes aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of
young people.

Banking and Credit Institutions for Civil Society (1-25 September, 1997)
Programme of the Course:
Development and underdevelopment; the role of banking institutions in the
process of development; banking, savings and credit institutions; people's
banks and civil society; savings and credit co-ops - organisation,
management, finance; income generation; credit for the informal sector.

Requirements for Admission:
Designed for leading officials of banking and credit institutions actively
engaged in the support of non-governmental organisations and income
generating activities in rural and urban areas, and for leaders of non-
governmental organisations seeking to develop credit and banking facilities
for their members.

Research and Economic Planning for Trade Unions (1-25 September, 1997)
Programme of the Course : Development and underdevelopment; the role of
trade unions in national development; utilisation of economic planning in
national development; role of trade unions in preparation of national
economic plans; research and planning for collective bargaining; research
tools and methodologies; organisation and implementation of research

Requirements for Admission:
Designed for directors of trade union research and economic planning
departments and for senior trade union officials responsible for these

Trade Union Administration and Management (17 Nov., - 17 Dec., 1997)
Programme of the Course : Development and underdevelopment; the role of
trade unions in development; trade union organisation, administration,
management and finance; planning activities, setting priorities, defining
goals and objectives, designing a plan of action; human resource
development; financial management and control, membership dues, fund
raising, budgeting, cashflow; leadership skills - communication, decision
making, organisation.

Requirements for Admission:
Designed for suitably qualified trade union leaders and officials responsible
for ensuring the efficient administration of trade union organisations.
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