Table of Contents (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic
Format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Dec., 1997
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol.7, No.3, Sept-Dec.1997)

Co-operatives Facing Unemployment
In November, the International Co-operative Alliance
Regional Office for the Americas held its conference
in Mexico City on the theme of co-operatives facing

This edition of Co-op Dialogue picks up on that theme,
extending it to include stories of how the co-operative
model has been used as a tool for social development.

What benefits do co-operatives offer displaced workers?
How can the co-operative model be used to create self-
employment opportunities? Can co-operatives move in to
fill the gaps when businesses fail?

Co-op Dialogue hopes these articles are thought-provoking,
especially today co-operatives struggle to find their fee
in a difficult Asian economic climate.
Co-operatives Facing Unemployment
Seacare Singapore union's co-operative solution
to unemployment by Allie Irvine

Allie Irvine takes an exhaustive look at the working
of the Seacare Co-op Limited,  jointly owned by
Singapore Organisation of Seamen and the National Trade
Union Congress; how it is providing services to displaced

Calcutta sex workers united under the co-operative banner by Allie Irvine

Allie Irvine takes time off to study the co-op model
adopted by sex workers  in Calcutta (eastern part of India)
and study the working of Usha Co-operative Multi-purpose
Store, a co-operative run for and by the prostitutes.

Canada and Indonesia connect through CU 2000 by Shannon Dumba

Shannon Dumba, who is on an internship programme funded
by Human Resources  Development, Canada, writes about
CU2000, a training, technical and human resource
Development programme undertaken by the Indonesia Co-op
Development Assistance Programme (INCODAP) jointly by the
Credit Union Coordination of Indonesia and the CCA

How did you evaluate us ?

Co-operative model offers beggars new livelihood 
by Allie Irvine

Co-operative Identity
Report of the Special Workshop on the ICA Co-op Identity Statement - 
From Theory to Practice

Environmental Problems and Co-operative Initiatives 
in the Asia-Pacific Region by Robby Tulus

The Japanese Consumers Co-operative Union organized an
International Symposium on Co-op Initiatives at the Waseda
University, Tokyo on October 25, 1997. Robby Tulus made a
presentation on the co-operative initiatives in the region 
to tackle the environmental problems.

Women's extension workers in Indonesia take a new approach
by Shannon Dumba

Report on the 2nd Asian/African Conference of Women Farm
Leaders of Agricultural Co-ops, Tokyo

My association with the Indonesian Co-op Movement - 
an exercise in self-development by Daman Prakash
Daman Prakash who has been involved with the Indonesian
co-operative movement for a long time, writes about his
impressions on the strengths and weaknesses of the 
Indonesian co-operative movement.

Effective co-operative system towards 21st century - 
a South-Asian Perspective by Upali Herath