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Contents (1998)

June, 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol.8, No.1, Jan-June,1998)

CO-OP DIALOGUE (A Journal of the ICA Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific)
Vol. 8, No. 1 : Jan-June, 1998, Edited by P. Nair


More insights into Co-operative Principles
The economic crisis in the Asia-Pacific region has put many businesses in to jeopardy but the co-operatives have shown that they have more inner strength to survive not only the recession, but also the competition from the ruthless multi-nationals. The relevance of the ICA's Co-operative Identity Statement and the Principles of Co-operative values is all the more important in the changed scenario. The experience of Asia-Pacific co-operatives has a lot to learn from for the co-operatives in other regions.

The ICA Regional Office for Asia-Pacific has been propagating the relevance and importance of the Co-operative Principles for long. It has held a number of conferences and workshops on the subject. Articles by Dr. Ian MacPherson, Dr. Hans Munkner, Dr. Peter Davis and Mr. Roberto Rodrigues give 'deeper insights' into co-operative organisations in the changed scenario. Readers are welcome to give their comments and views on these articles.

More insights into Co-operative Principles
Dynamics of Co-operative Development by Dr. Ian MacPherson
In this article, Dr. Macpherson, takes a deeper look into the dynamics of co-op organisations.

76th International Co-operative Day Message

Translation of new Co-op Principles to Legal Norms by Dr. Hans Munkner
Dr. Hans Munkner writes how to translate the new Co-op Principles into legal norms.

Value-Based Professional Management in Co-ops by Dr. Peter Davis
Dr. Davis writes about the importance of `qualified' professional management in co-operatives.

The Third World War - War for Markets by Roberto Rodrigues
In his article, Roberto Rodrigues, the new ICA President, writes how the co-operatives armed with the ideology of universal values can win what he calls `The Third World War".

Women and the White Revolution by Dr. Amrita Patel
Dr. Patel writes how the women in India made possible the white revolution through their sheer dedication.

Women Leadership from the Perspective of Gender Equality by Yukiko Yamamoto Ms. Yamamoto writes about the gender inequality persisting in several co-operatives in the region and the steps the ICA Regional Office is taking to overcome these obstacles.

Free Trade as Peace Maker: The benefits of an Open World Trading System, by Dr. Lakshmi Narasaiah
Dr. Narasaiah writes about Free Trade in the changed global economic situation can be useful to countries and nations to maintain world peace and prevent disasters.

Case Study
Credit Co-operatives and Co-op Banks -the Israeli case study by Zvi Galor In this case study Mr. Galor gives insights into the Israeli credit movement.

Book Review
Co-operative Laws in Asia and the Pacific by Mr. G.K. Sharma Dr. Daman Prakash reviews the recent publication on Co-operative Laws in the Asia-Pacific region, written by Mr. G.K. Sharma, former Regional Director of ICA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Cover photo: The first co-operative store of Rochdale Pioneers at Toad Lane, Rochdale.
Cover credit: Rochdale Pioneers' Museum.