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Contents (1998)

Oct., 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol. 8, No. 2, July-Sept, 1998)

Editorís Note
A new partnership

In the spirit of developing a strong collaboration between the ICA Regional Office and its members, we have entered a new era of partnership with several of our members to co-produce `CO-OP DIALOGUE'.

Each issue of the journal will be sponsored by one member organisation. We will set aside a number of pages for exclusive coverage of such organisations and also provide 200  copies of the issue to the member organisation concerned. This issue has been sponsored by Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF).

We request our member organisations to collaborate with us and sponsor at least one issue of the Journal.

For details, please contact the editor by phone, fax or an e-mail.
 - Editor


Special Report
Food Security Issues - WTO and Agricultural Co-operatives in Asia by Dr. Daman Prakash
In this article, Dr. Prakash details about the problems and all that co-operatives are doing towards this direction in Asia.

Bridging government initiative and people's participation in rural development by Prof. J.M. Gunadasa
Prof. Gunadasa of the Department of Geography at the University of Peradeniya,  Sri Lanka, takes a new look at the rural development initiatives by the governments and people and their organisations - the co-operatives.

Business lessons for handloom co-operatives by Rajiv I.D. Mehta Mr. Rajiv I.D. Mehta, Advisor of the CICOPA project writes about the lessons learned by small handloom co-operatives in surviving in a market  economy facing recession.

Case Study
Development of "modern" co-operatives in Nepal, by Prof. Hans H. Munkner and Dr. Mahendra Prasad Shrestha
So far there has been no major study on the co-operatives in Nepal. Prof. Munkner writes about  the development of modern co-ops in Nepal; government initiatives under different five-year plans; the salient features of the Co-operative Societies Act; and the problems faced by the co-operatives.

How to Learn about New Ideas regarding Co-operative Problems

Recent Co-operative Publications available with ICA Domus Trust

Singapore Highlights
SNCF Education and Training

ICA President's Visit to Singapore

SNCF's efforts in taking the Co-ops to the next Millennium

Impact of Current Economic Crisis in the Region and Ways Co-operatives adjust to the Changing Environment - View from Singapore by Tan Kin Lian, Chairman, SNCF Mr. Tan Kin Lian, Chairman of Singapore National Co-operative Federation and Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative details how the Singapore co-operatives adjust to  the Changing Environment on the face of Economic Crisis in the Region .

Singapore Co-ops raised Humanitarian aid to Indonesia

NTUC Income introduces Premium Relief Scheme

Book Review
Co-operative Management: A Philosophy for Business by Peter Davis and John Donaldson - review by Mr. Akira Kurimoto