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How to Learn about New Ideas regarding Co-operative Problems (1998)

Oct., 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol. 8, No. 2, July-Sept, 1998, pp.24)

How to Learn about New Ideas regarding Co-operative Problems?

In the interest of students and lecturers in teaching and self-study material on co-operative subjects and to solve the problems of excessive costs of long distance, single copy  sales, Marburg Consult offer the following package deal at prices near cost:

For individual readers/buyers: 5 volumes out of a collection of 10 books for a lump sum of DM 50,— plus package and postage by air or surface mail.  Additional books are available for DM 10,— per copy.

For co-operative training centres and co-operative bookshops, special conditions canbe negotiated.

Books will be sent after receipt of payment of a proforma invoice.

For further information, please contact Marburg Consult  at E-mail:<>; Fax: ++49-6421-162848

The following are the publications:

How to Make By-Laws, by Chris Gachanja
Marburg Consult, Series A-1, Marburg 1989. 123 p., ISBN 3-927489-01-8
Economics of the Co-operative Business Enterprise, by Samuel  C. Chukwu
Marburg Consult, Series A-2, Marburg 1990. 200 p., ISBN 3-927489-03-4
Basic Aspects of Co-operative Organisations and Co-operative Self-help Promotion
in Developing Countries by Alfred Hanel
Marburg Consult, Series A-3, Marburg 1992. 240 p., ISBN 3-927489-05-0
Co-opertive Organisations for Rural Development - Organisational and Management Aspects, by Johannes Kuhn
Marburg Consult, Series A-4, Marburg 1991. 142 p., ISBN 3-927489-05-2
Selected Essays on co-operative Theory and Practice, by Peter S. Akpoghor
Marburg Consult, Series A-5, Marburg 1993. 272 p., ISBN 3-927489-10-7
A Beginner’s Business Book, by V.C. Allen and N. Goler Von Ravensburg
Marburg Consult, Series A-10, Marburg 1994, ISBN 3-927489-11-5
Attacking the Roots of Poverty, by Beitragen von Izzeldin Bakhit, Hans Muenkner, Nicole Goler von Ravensburg, Thomas Walter, Victoria Walter
Marburg Consult, Series A-9, Marburg 1996, 131 S. ISBN 3-927489-30-1
Co-operatives and Organized Labour by Hans H. Muenkner
Institute for Co-operation in Developing Countries, Papers and Reports No. 26, Marburg 1991. 88 p., ISBN 3-923367-25-2
Ten lectures on Co-operative Law, by Hans H. Muenkner Bonn 1985
Co-operatives in Third World Development, by Charles G. Enriquez Canada, Antigonish 1986

All books are priced at DM 10,00.

There is an airmail charge of DM 50,00 (DM 15,00 for surface mail).

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