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Recent Co-operative Publications available with ICA Domus Trust (1998)

Oct., 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol. 8, No. 2, July-Sept, 1998, pp.24)

Recent Co-operative Publications avilable at ICA Domust Trust

Co-operative Laws in Asia and the Pacific, G.K.Sharma; 1997, pp.224,
price US$ 38-00/INR 390/-

Management Leadership  Deve-lopment in Agricultural Co-operative Business;
Daman Prakash; 1998; pp78; Price:US$15/-INR 150/; ISBN:92-9054-046x

Consumer Co-operatives in Educational institutions in India:A Seminar Report; ICAROAP;1997; pp 212; Price US $20/-INR200; ISBN:92-9054-049-4

Self-service consumer stores management - A seminar report; Mumbai,India, Sept.
22-27,1997; ICA/ROA;1998; pp192; Price US$20/- INR200; ISBN:92-9054-048-6

Co-operative leadership training for women: Report of the Regional Preparatory Workshop-Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, 9-11, December, 1997; pp. 110; Price; US$15/-INR150/- ;ICA/ROAP; ISBN:92-9054-047-8

Co-operative principles for the 21st century; Ian MacPherson (with photographs);
1996; pp71; Price US$60/-INR600/- (availabl atIC-ROAP); ISBN:92-9054-007-9

The International Co-operative Alliance in War and Peace 1910-1950; Rita Rhodes;
1995; pp423; Price US$40/-INR400/-; ISBN: 92-9054-001

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