This document has been made available in electronic format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) 

SNCF Education and Training (1998)

Oct., 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol. 8, No. 2, July-Sept, 1998, pp.25)

SNCF Education and Training

One of the key functions of SNCF is to promote co-operative education and training to members of its affiliates.

To achieve this, it has of late established an Education Advisory Committee comprising professionals in the field of training and human resource development to advise and guide the apex body on the promotion of co-operative education and training to employees, elected leaders and members of co-operatives.

The step taken by SNCF further serves to show its commitment in fulfilling one of the Co-operative Principles on providing education and training for co-operative members, elected representatives, managers and employees so that they can contribute effectively to the development of their co-operatives.  This is also in alignment with government’s recent call for staff training and upgrading to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

SNCF is also exploring the collaboration with accredited institutions of higher learning to offer programme in co-operative management to its affiliated members.

It is in this context that SNCF invited Dr. Peter Davis, Director of the Unit for Membership-Based Organisations, University of Leicester to do a presentation on “Developing Co-operative Managers by Distance Learning” on 16 March 1998. The event was attended by human resou-rce and training managers of some f our larger co-op.

The participants were also addres-sed by Mr. Robby  Tulus, Regio-nal Director for the International Co-operative Alliance, Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific (ICA ROAP) on “Leadership and Performance-Based Training: ICA ROAP Perspective”.

The presentation received positive responses from representatives of the participating co-operatives that there is a need to offer programme in co-operative management to employees and elected leaders of co-operatives.

Apart from upgrading themselves in professional management, the programme also enhances their knowledge in co-operative principles, values and practice which forms the cornerstone of the Co-operative Identity enunciated at the 1995 Congress and General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance held in Manchester.

SNCF is also exploring the feasibility of collaborating with the Singapore Institute of Labour Studies (SILS) to provide tutorial support to participants in the co-operative management studies.