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JPW helps co-op set up day care centre (1998)

Dec., 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol. 8, No. 3, Oct.-Dec., 1998, pp. 35)

ANGKASA's Women Development Committee (JPW) is emphasising the effort to set up a Day Care Centre (TCM) in co-operatives to facilitate members to obtain child-minding services.

JPW chairman Senator Hajah Rahaiah Baheran said in an interview with PELANCAR that initially three co-operatives had agreed to operate the service. The three co-operatives had received guidance through a course organised by JPW.

She said that the three co-operatives were the Koperasi Persatuan Wanita Islam Negeri Sembilan (PERWANIS) in Serem-ban, the Koperasi Wanita Jaya Berhad (KOWAJA) Banting and the Koperasi Khidmat Wanita Kuala Kangsar Berhad (KEKWA) in Perak, which represent three groups of society that require the TCM.

Hajah Rahaiah said the setting up of the TCM at the three co-operatives was to study the effectiveness of the service if operated in an urban, rural and industrial area.

Based on the TCM service, PERWANIS represents the urban society group; KOWAJA the industrial area group and KEKWA the rural society group.

JPW will use this preliminary project for evaluation, taking into account the needs and effectiveness of the TCM and also the response from co-operative members and the local people because the three co-operatives have differing backgrounds. She also said that JPW had trained and provided courses to the child carers at the co-operatives and assisted them to obtain operating licences from the relevant authorities.

JPW also provides guidance to co-operatives on matters related to the needs of the TCM.

Hajah Rahaiah said she hoped that women's co-operatives would be able to establish TCM as one of the necessary services for members. She urged the co-operatives, which had received guidance from JPW to establish and operate TCM to help other interested co-ops to set up the TCM and expand the service.