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Obituaries: Dr. Suren Saxena & Mr. Krishan K. Taimni (1998)

Dec., 1998
(Source: Co-op Dialogue, Vol. 8, No. 3, Oct.-Dec., 1998, pp. 8)

Dr. Suren Saxena passes away

Dr. Suren K. Saxena passed away on 10th January, 1999 at London.

Dr. Suren K Saxena, born in 1925, has been working with ICA for 20 years from 1961-81; in various capacities such as the Regional Office for Suth East Asia at the Regional Office and Education Centre, Regional Director for Asia and as the Director of the Alliance.

Dr. Saxena holds a Masters Degree in Social Science from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Gementee Universiteit in Amesterdam and also a honoris causa Degree from the Sherbrooke University, Canada.

Mr. Saxena left behind his wife Ingalil Saxena, daughter Anna-Karin and Nandini and son Rahul Saxena.

Mr. Krishan K. Taimni

Mr. Krishan K. Taimni, Regional Coordinator for ILO Coopnet/Coopreform Programmes for Asia and the Pacific has suddenly passed away on 6th January, 1999 at Pune, where he lived.

Mr. Taimni, born in 1938, has been active in the field of Co-operative Management, Training and Consultancy field for over twenty-five years.

He has been trainer, chief executive of national co-operative organisations and a consultant to FAO, ILO, ICA, etc. He has published several books on co-operative subjects.

After taking over as the Regional Coordinator of the ILO programmes, Mr. Taimni has been actively involved with various ICA activities in the Region.

Mr. Taimni leaves behind two sons (Samir & Vikas), a daughter (Ritu) and his wife.