Reader Survey -- Tell us what you think! (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.2, Apr-June 1997, pp.12)

Reader survey - Tell us what you think!
Asia-Pacific Co-op News wants to know what you think of our
publication.  Your comments will help us better serve your needs.  Please
take a minute to respond to our readers survey.  The results will be printed
in the next edition of ASPACON.

Do you receive ASPACON regularly (4 times yearly)?

How do you receive ASAPCON? 
-	by post 
-	via national organisatio
-	the Internet
-	other (please specify) 

What do you read in ASPACON?
-	cover to cover
-	the regional highlights
-	policy issues
-	coverage of co-op events
- 	upcoming events
-	only stories of specific interest to you
-	only skim through 	

Does APCN contain useful information? 

Is the information current?

Does APCN inform you of things you are not aware of? 

What kind of news is of most value to you?
- 	co-op sector-specific articles 
-	policy information
-	regional updates o international news on Internet information
-	upcoming events o training programs/opportunitie
-	conference reports of co-op projects


What kind of co-op organisation do you belong to (please select one):
-	national apex
-	regional apex
-	international apex
-	agriculture
-	credit/banking
-	handicrafts
-	textiles
-	industrial
-	consumer
-	multi-sectoral
-	other 

-	member
-	staff
-	management
-	board member
-	CEO/General Manager
-	other 

Please send your answers to:

ICA Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific
c/o Editor, APCN
43, Friends Colony (East),
New Delhi - 110 065.  India
Tel. (91)11-683-5123