Top-Leaders confer on collaborative strategies to develop ag. co-ops in Asia (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.2, Apr-June 1997, pp.3)

Top leaders confer on collaborative strategies to develop agricultural
co-operatives in Asia

A joint Top-Leaders' Conference on Collaborative Strategies for the
Development of Agricultural Co-operatives in Asia was organised in
Tokyo, Japan, from April 14-19, 1997, by the ICA ROAP, the JA
Zenchu (the Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives of Japan) and
the IDACA.

Seven top-level leaders representing user-organisations in China, Indonesia,
Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam attended. Senior
leaders representing the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of
the Government of Japan, the Japan International Co-operation Agency,
the JA Zenchu and IDACA also participated. 

Mr G.K.Sharma, Special Adviser to the ICA Director General (and former
ICA Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific) represented ICA ROAP.
The conference was also attended by the 15 participants of the 11th ICA
Japan Management Training Course. Dr Daman Prakash, Project Director,
ICA ROAP and Mr. Y.  Nakaoka,  MD, IDACA, directed the conference

Conference objectives included a review of project proposals developed by
the delegates from participating countries, a discussion on strategies to
develop agricultural co-operatives, and an exchange of views between the
Japanese governmental development agencies, the JA Zenchu, ICA and
IDACA on the relevance and continuation of assistance. The following
recommendations emerged:

-	Acknowledge the role of the ICA as an implementing agency for the
regional project and recognise MAFF, JA Zenchu and IDACA for funding
and collaborative support.

-	In light of population growth, the need to ensure food security, the
increasing demand for safe and healthy farm products, and the open market
forces of the economy in the Asian Region, ICA should enrich their
development efforts by making agricultural co-operative training and
development programmes more results-oriented.

-	Continue ICA regional training projects, increasing the number of
participants and match funding support from MAFF for the development
of co-operative movements in the region and to strengthen the management
of agricultural co-operatives.

-	Establish a national level training and development network on a
replication basis using ready trained personnel.

- Strengthen agricultural co-operatives in the region by identifying
- critical needs through field studies, surveys, exposure of leaders and 
staff to developed situations.

-	Ensure the right candidates are sponsored for training and extend
support to them in developing their project proposals;  consider the
proposals at the highest level within their own organisations before the
trainees return for appraisal sessions.

-	Extend the participants' advice, comments and guidance during
preparation of project proposals, and make organisational commitments
implement their project proposals after completion of the training

-	Set aside funds for organising national training programmes with the help
of ICA and IDACA.