APHCO established (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Oct, 1997
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.3, Jul-Sept. 1997, pp.5)

APHCO established

Asia and Pacific Health Co-operative Organisation (APHCO) was
established at a general assembly held in Kathmandu, Nepal on
August 26, 1997.  

Co-operatives have been working on medical and health care exchange since
the Tokyo International Health-Medical Co-op Forum in Tokyo in 1992.
Following the forum, two regional conferences were held in Sri Lanka and
India - leading to the general assembly.

Participants of the new organisation are Shushrusha Citizen's
Co-operative Hospital and Tellicherry Co-operative Hospital from
India, National Co-operative Council of Sri Lanka, Ansung Medical
Co-operative in Korea, Medical Co-op Committee of JCCU from Japan,
Public Health Concern Trust from Nepal. Guests from ICA ROAP
and WHO were also invited to the assembly.

Phect, an NGO for medical treatment established in 1991 to encourage
Nepali participation, managed the assembly.  It is now taking steps
to become a co-operative and participating in activities like those in
Japan, like health education for residents.

At the general assembly, Dr. Shoji Kato, chairman of the Medical Co-op
Committee was elected as president of APHCO. Dr. Toshio Ogino,
executive director of Medical Co-op Committee, was elected as director.

The Medical Co-op Committee will promote the development of APHCO
through its activities. "Pursuing Health of the Whole Community," that
includes health examination operated with co-operation between co-op
members and staff.

The executive committee unanimously elected to lead APHCO consists of
the following members:
-	Dr. Shoji Kato, Chairman (Japan)
-	Mr. Lional Samarasinghe, Vice-chairman (Sri Lanka)
-	Mr. Vijay Deshmukh,  Member (India)
-	Dr. Toshio Ogino, Member (Japan)
-	Dr. S. Dhilal, Member (Nepal)

Mr. Upali Herath of ICA ROAP will function as the secretary to
the committee.