ICA General Assembly meets in Geneva (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Oct, 1997
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.3, Jul-Sept. 1997, pp.1)

ICA General Assembly meets in Geneva
The ICA General Assembly was held in Geneva Switzerland September 15
and 16, 1997, returning after four years to ICA's home city.  Regional
Director Robby Tulus and Gender Programme Advisor Yukiko Yamamoto
represented ICA ROAP.  

Over 500 delegates attended, with a large contingent from Latin America.
The last meeting was the Manchester Congress in 1995.

Eleven of 15 specialised bodies held their meetings in conjunction with the
general assembly.

Seven priorities have guided ICA over the past two years:

-	improved liaison and collaboration with specialised bodies
-	gender issues
-	communications
-	establishment of the Development Trust
-	expansion of membership
-	reviewing ICA's rules and procedures
-	liaison with the United Nations system

The assembly decided to divide a two-year surplus of 226,317 francs: 
150,000 to the Corpus Fund of the ICA Development Trust, becoming its
initial capital;  and a maximum of 50,000 allocated to restructuring the ICA
office in Geneva.  

The remaining 26,317 was transferred to the general reserve.
Rules and procedures:

A special board committee proposed several changes to ICA rules and
procedures, including:

-	changing the objects of ICA to include efforts to promote sustainable
human development and equality in co-operatives
-	replacing the old ICA Principles with a Statement on Co-operative
Identity adapted by the 1995 Manchester Congress
-	introducing associate member-ship
-	increase the size of the general assembly from 20 to 25 representatives
per country
-	increase the size of the board from 16 to 20 to improve the regional
and sectoral representation
-	increase representation of women on the board by establishing an
elections committee to encourage their nomination, and enabling the board
to co-opt women if needed
-	adjusting some of the powers between the board and the audit and
control committee so that the board has direct contact with auditors
-	recognising the ICA vice-presidents and ICA authorities to interface
between ICA board and the regions
-	encourage a closer working relationship between ICA and the
specialised bodies

Three resolutions were approved by acclamation:

-	Support to co-op movements in countries of eastern and central
	Europe and the former USSR by Centrosoyus of the Russian

-	The situation in the consumer co-operative movement of the newly
	independent states by the International Council for Consumer
	Co-ops, Consuminter

-	Establish a co-operative training centre by the Central Union of
	Workers' Productive Co-ops in Bulgaria.

Regional Assemblies:
In 1998, regional assemblies are planned for Lusaka, Zambia in August,
Paris, France and Seoul, Korea in October, and Montevideo, Uruguay in

In conjunction with the regional assembly for ICA ROAP, ICA will
organise a global opportunity for members to meet in response to a
member survey recently conducted by ICA that showed the opportunity
to learn and share experiences through global meetings is a high priority.

In 1999, the general assembly will be held in Quebec City, Canada, which
will also host a congress on the theme of, "Adding Value to Membership -
the Co-operative Challenge for the Next Millenium."

President -	Roberto Rodrigues of Brazil


-	B.S. Vishwanathan, President, National Co-op Union of India
-	Hiroshi Kohno, Executive Director, JA-Zenchu, Japan
-	Yehudah Paz, Central Union of Co-operative Societies, Israel
-	Churil-Hee Won, Chairman and President, National Agricultural
	Co-op Federation, South Korea
-	Hon. Senator Rahaiah  Baheran, Vice-president, ANGKASA,

-	Ousseynou Dieng, Director, Union Nationale des Co-operatives
	Agricoles du Senegal

-	Claude Beland, President, Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins,
-	David Miller, First Vice-chair, National Co-operative Business
	Association, USA

-	Jens Heiser, Bundesverband deutscher Wohnungsunterna-hmen
	e.v., Germany
-	Stefania Marcone, Director, International Department Legacoop,
-	Etienne Pflimlin, President, Confederation Nationale du Credit
	Mutuel, France
-	Lloyd Wilkinson, Chief Executive and General Secretary, 
	Co-operative Union Ltd, United Kingdom
-	Valentin Ermakov, President, Central Co-operative Union, Bulgaria
-	Ivan Prikryl, President, Co-operative Association of the
	Czech Republic
-	Cyril Moravcik, Co-operative Union of the Slovak Republic

The Audit Committee:
-	Wilhelm Kaltenborn, Chairman of the Executive Board, Verbnd
	der Konsumgenossenschaften, Germany
-	Pal Bartus, President, National Federation of Consumer 
	Co-operatives, Hungary
-	Ivar Hansen, Deputy Director, Union of Co-operative Housing 
	and Building Associations, Norway
-	Carmen Perez, First Vice-president, Liga de Co-operatives de 
	Puerto Rico
-	Shigenori Takemoto, President, Japanese Consumer Co-operative

Vice-Presidents of the Regions:
-	Yang Deshou for Asia and the Pacific
-	Bernard Wolimbwa for Africa
-	Lars Hillbom for Europe
-	Miguel Cardozo for the Americas