Sharing know-how on store operations (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Oct, 1997
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.3, Jul-Sept. 1997, pp.7)

Sharing know-how on store operations
Co-ops will launch an information-sharing system for store operations
to allow Co-op Kobe to share its know-how will others.

Twelve co-ops in the regions of Kinki, Chubu, Hokuriku and Shikoku
in Japan invested in the "K-Net Resource" in July 1997.  Co-op Kobe
provided capital of  $116,666 USD, while other co-ops invested $8,333
USD each.

Speciality stores like home centres, drugstores, bookstores, and those
selling accessories, developed by Co-op Kobe, will open as tenant of
other co-op stores.

Under the Consumers' Livelihood Co-operative Law, a co-op shall not
operate a business beyond the prefectural area where its main office is
registered. To overcome this limitation, "K-Net Co-operative Federation"
was established in May, 1995 without jurisdiction.  Today, it consists of
13 co-ops in western Japan.  It has been improving management capacity
of participating co-ops by sharing the know-how of Co-op Kobe in areas
of store development, store operation.

"K-Net Resource" was established to expand the network among co-ops,
doubling the membership and sales of Co-op Kobe by the year 2000.  It is
important that the benefits of forming co-operative federations are equally
distributed to every participating co-op and that the federation generates
the new capacity to operate business independently. 

(from What's New, Sept 29, 1997)