Table of Contents (1997)

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by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Oct, 1997
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.3, Jul-Sept. 1997)

ICA General Assembly meets in Geneva
Chinese Delegation visits Canada
ICA's Agricultural Committee meets in Sri Lanka
12th ICA-Japan Management Course commences 
ICA ROAP sets strategic agenda for the next five years
JA-Zenchu action plan for sustainable development
APHCO established
Upcoming Events
Co-ops again appear on the Fortune lists
Sharing know-how on store operations
ICA General Assembly and Women's Committee Report
On the Net - Youth Mailing List
Improving management of self-service store operations
Faculty Exchange programme between India and Sri Lanka
Regional Update
New ICA President sets the international co-operative agenda
Declaration and action plan on women's participation
Co-op youth kindle the movement's flame in Indonesia