2nd Conference of Farm Women Leaders of Agricultural Co-operatives (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format by
the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
January, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.4, Oct.-Dec.,1998, p.2)

2nd Conference of Farm Women Leaders of Agricultural Co-ops

The second conference of farm women leaders of agricultural
co-operatives was organised in Tokyo during the period November
4-9, 1997. The conference, organised jointly by the ICA, JA-Zenchu,
IDACA and the AARRO (Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organisation),
was attended by 43 participants representing governments and co-operatives
in Asian and African countries. The main objectives of the conference were:

	review of current situation of farm women in agricultural sector; 
	identification of problem areas;
	suggesting ways and means to develop leadership among farm
	women through education and training; 
	possibilities of securing support of agricultural co-operatives; and
	identifying the role of national and international organisations in
	further promoting the interests of such a group to enhance their
	bargaining power.

The participants were able to visit some of the agricultural co-operatives
and women's associations in and around Tokyo.

Important Request to our Readers and Member Organisations

We request the readers and our member organisations to write to us
on the impact of ICA activities in the region on their co-operative
development efforts.

We propose to include these feedbacks from our members in the
ICA Regional Annual Report for 1997.

Write-ups, as far as possible, with colour photographs, will be