CICOPA Delhi unit assists a groupment of primary silk producers' co-operatives (1997)

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the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
January, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News,Vol.4, No.4,Oct.-Dec.,'98, p.4)

CICOPA Delhi unit assists a groupment of
primary Silk Producers' Co-operatives

CICOPA, Delhi unit has been successful in getting a groupment of
Primary Silk Producers' Co-ops in Madhya Pradesh registered on
24th November 1997 after a long debate with the state government of
Madhya Pradesh. 

The state government has invested 7.5 million rupees in the share capital
of the groupment. 

The membership of the groupment consists of 50 primary co-ops
catering to the requirements of 4600 women beneficiaries. The main
objective of the groupment is to strengthen the forward linkages of
the primaries besides providing management guidance to the primary

ICA-CICOPA has been instrumental in floating the concept of groupment
of silk producers' co-ops and mobilising the primary producers in 
forming their primary co-ops.

The extension work was carried out with the support of the Directorate
of Sericulture, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh and Rajiv Gandhi Mission for
Rural Industries, Madhya Pradesh.