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the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
January, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.4, No.4, Oct.-Dec.,1998, p.1)


1. 	ICA to hold Think Tank Consortium

2. 	Twelfth ICA-Japan Training Course on Management
	of Agricultural Co-ops

3.	7th ICA Japan Rural Women Training Course

4.	Seventh National Follow-up and Review workshop of
	ICA/Japan former participants in Vietnam

5.	MAFF-Japan  Team visits India and meets
	12th course participants

6. 	2nd Conference of Farm Women Leaders of
	Agricultural Co-operatives
7.	JA-ZENCHU/JICA study on integrated development
	of rural co-operatives in Indonesia

8.	ICA Regional Consumer Committee meetings in Tokyo

9.	8th National follow-up and review workshop on
	agricultural co-operatives in the Philippines.

10.	The ICA organises a national forum of consumer
	co-ops in institutions in India

11	CICOPA Delhi unit assists a groupment of primary
	silk producers' co-operatives

12.	ICA/ILO Coopnet Preparatory workshop on Co-operative
	Leadership Training for Women

13.	National Federation of Fishermen's Co-operatives
	(FISHCOPFED) has a new President

14.	Self-help group of trainers and trainees formed.

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