The ICA organises a national forum of consumer co-ops in institutions in India (1997)

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the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
January, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News,Vol.4, No.4,Oct.-Dec.,'98, p.3)

The ICA organises a national forum of consumer co-operatives
in educational Institutions in India 

The forum was held at the Chennai Institute of Co-op Management and
the coordinator of the forum was Dr. Y. Dongre from the University
of Mangalore.

The ICA's contribution to the cost of this forum was only 30%. 

The forum was attended by a total of 94 participants from India, including
seven delegates from university co-operatives in Singapore, Thailand
and Japan.  T.S. Sridhar, the registrar of co-operatives was the chief
guest of the forum.

The objectives of the forum were: 

i.	to create a common platform for the representatives of such
	co-operatives to interact and learn from each other's experience; 

ii. 	to provide orientation to the participants regarding the business
	development and member development activities in such

iii.	to facilitate the Indian participants to interact with the participants
	from other countries and get to know their movements;

iv.	to familiarise the participants with various facilities and assistance
	available to such co-operatives; and

v.	to explore through dialogue and discussion, the possibilities of
	using the co-operative in educational institutions as centres of youth

One of the achievements of the forum was the information received on the
status of university co-operatives in India. The forum decided to continue
its activities on a continuing basis.