This document has been made available in electronic format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
June, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol. 5, No.1, Jan-Apr., 1998, p.6)

ICA launches Co-op Leadership Development activities for Women in Asia-Pacific

As a sequel to the `Regional Conference on Women in Decision-Making in Co-ops' held in Philippines last year, The Gender Integration Project of the Regional Office launched a multi-pronged strategy to increase women's participation in co-operative leadership and decision-making by collaborating with the ILO Coopnet programme.

The Regional Office held a Regional Preparatory Workshop to identify the target groups, analyse the current situation of women in co-operatives in the region and to chart out appropriate strategies for developing women's leadership in co-operatives.

This meeting came up with a recommendation that a `Leadership Training Manual for Women' should be developed for training women leaders and potential women leaders at the primary level.

However, it was felt that the ICA cannot undertake such a huge task of training grassroots level potential women leaders. The ICA/ILO should develop and publish a manual, train trainers at the national level and then training of trainers at the primary/grassroots level should be the responsibility of the national level Co-operative Movements in the region.

The ICA has since engaged Dr. Govind Kelkar of the Asian Institute of Technology as a consultant to prepare a manual. The ICA has also constituted a Steering Committee consisting of the ICA Regional Director, Gender Programme Advisor, Ms. Anne Brit Nippierd of ILO, Geneva, Mr. Krishan Taimni, Regional Coordinator of ILO Coopnet and Mr. P. Nair, Project Assistant of the Gender Integration Project.

The Steering Committee is expected to meet in New Delhi, on 4th May and discuss the details of the manual with the Consultant.

The draft manual is expected to be ready some time by early September, 1998. The steering committee and experts in the field in the region will then have a technical scrutiny of the draft.

ICA will hold a validation workshop in November, 1998, possibly in Indonesia to validate the manual and train national level trainers in the region.

The manual will then be published and disseminated to the national level co-operative organisations in the region. The national co-operative organisations will arrange training of trainers and eventually the target group at the primary level.