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Contents  (1998)

Sept, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol. 5, No.2, May-August.1998, p.1)


1. Table of Contents
2. International Seminar on Value-based Professional Management in Co-ops
3. ICA Regional Assembly for Asia and the Pacific and related meetings
4. Asian Women Farm Leaders of Agricultural Co-ops meet in Tokyo
5. ICA Regional Protem Women’s Committee meets in Kuala Lumpur
6. 8th Rural Women Leaders’ Training Programme
7. Workshop on Joint Buying Strategies
8. NCC organises National Seminar on Health Co-peratives
9. Forum for Co-ops in Educational Institutions
10. IFFCO (India) News - Sahakarita Ratna and Sahakarita Bandhu Awards; Marketing Division awarded ISO 9002; Contribution towards Gujarat Cyclone Relief
11. Commemorative postage stamps issued by the State of Kuwait
12. More News from India - Parliamentarians call for reforms; Co-op Essay Competition awards; and NCCT offers training programmes
13. Lionel Samarasinghe re-elected President of NCC
14. Japanese Co-operatives organise Women’s Forum
15. New Staff at ICA ROAP and Obituary to Mr. Saito
16. Nepal holds national Women’s Forum
17. ICA Regional Director meets Indonesian Co-operative Minister
18. Schedule of ICA Meetings in Korea - 25-31 Oct.1998