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International Seminar on Value-based Professional Management in Co-ops (1998)

Sept, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol. 5, No.2, May-August.1998, p.1)

International Seminar on Value-based Professional Management in Co-ops
The ICA in collaboration with the National Co-operative Union of India held an International Seminar on "Value-based Profes-sional Management in co-operatives" from 31 August to 11 September, 1998 in Pune, Western India.

The theme of the seminar was Value-based Professional Manage-ment in Co-operatives. The main objective of the Seminar was to help HRD institutes to facilitate the process of implementation of co-operative value based professional management in co-operatives at all levels.

The frame work of seminar con-sisted of deliberations on ICA Co-op-erative Identify Statement, Concept of value-based management - professionalism with a heart, Managing in a global environment, Social responsibility and managerial ethics in co-operatives, managing organisational change and inno-vation, a co-operative leadership challenge, Role of HRD institutes in value based professional manage-ment by resource persons so as to   and define value based professional management in co-operatives.

Twenty-three participants and eight resource persons from nine countries participated at the seminar.

The seminar evolved a definition that "Value-based Professional management in Co-operatives deals with the processes, functions and systems that facilitate strengthening/revitalization of co-operative values and ensuring sustainability of member based and community-oriented co-operative enterprises in a competitive market."

There were two workshops organised within the Seminar and it was expected that the workshops would make recommendations for developing training modules for members and leaders of co-operatives; chief executive officers and employees of co-ops; goven-ment officials and administrators; and trainers, to incorporate value based professional management in co-operatives.