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NCC Organises National Seminar on Health Co-operatives (1998)

Sept, 1998
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol. 5, No.2, May-August.1998, pp. 4)

NCC organises the national seminar on Health Co-operatives

The National Co-operative Council of  Sri Lanka organised a national seminar on Health Co-operative Services on 13 July, 1998 in Colombo.

More than 30 participants from various Co-operative Hospitals gathered together and discussed  issues which they have been facing.

There are a number of Co-operative hospitals in Sri Lanka, but they did not have any network or a national level federation.

During the discussion the participants of the Seminar came to the conclusion that they needed a national network or federation, and organised a working committee in order to help establish a national federation.

Dr. Shoji Kato, chairperson of APHCO and IHCO joined the Seminar and gave a lot of advice and expressed fraternal greetings on behalf of Japanese Health Co-op as well as APHCO and IHCO.

Ms. Yukiko Yamamoto repre-sented the ICA Regional Office at the seminar.