Book Release (1996)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
December, 1996
(Source: Coop Dialogue, Vol.4, No.4, May-Dec.,pp.22)

Book Release

The first National Labour Co-operative Congress organised by 
the National Federation of Labour Co-operatives (NFLC), was 
held at New Delhi on 4-5 December, 1996. Its inaugural function 
was presided over by Shri B.S. Vishwanathan, President of the 
National Co-operative Union of India (NCUI). Hon'ble Union 
Minister of Agriculture, Shri Chaturanan Misra inaugurated 
the Congress and addressed the audience from different parts 
of the country.

He also found time to release an ICA-DOMUS book on "Human 
Resource Development in Co-operatives, with Focus on 
Education and Training in Asia-Pacific Region" written by 
Dr. Dharm Vir, former Joint Director (Education), ICA ROAP, 
New Delhi.

Later, Mr. Werner K. Blenk, Director, International Labour 
Organisation, New Delhi office released the Souvenir brought 
out by the NFLC, New Delhi.

Earlier, Shri R.L. Kushalkar, Chairman of NFLC, the apex 
organisation of Labour Co-operatives in India, welcomed the 
guests and the delegates, including the author of the book 
mentioned above. The concluding session of the Congress was 
addressed by Shri Sahib Singh, Chief Minister of Delhi.