National Seminar on Rediscovering Cooperation (1996)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
December, 1996
 (Source: Coop Dialogue, Vol.4, No.4, May-Dec.,pp.13)

National Seminar on Rediscovering Co-operation
Three Volumes of  Seminar Papers

"Rediscovering Co-operation" is an ambitious collaborative 
research effort organised by the Institute of Rural Management, 
Anand (IRMA), to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the 
Kaira District Co-operative Milk producers' Union, popularly 
known as AMUL. The collaborative research was under three 
sub-themes: Bases of Co-operation, Strategies for the Models 
of Tomorrow and Co-operatives in the Emerging Context. 
Out of more than 100 papers received from all over the country, 
59 papers, edited by R. Rajagopalan, are included  in these 
three volumes, one on each sub-theme. Volume I, Bases of 
Co-operation, contains 17 papers on drawing from life sciences,
economics, sociology, anthropology, ethics and political 
science. Paperback, 1996, 368 pages, Rs.300 (overseas US$30).

Volume II, Strategies for the Models of Tomorrow, contains 
18 papers which discuss innovative possibilities for co-operatives
 in irrigation, rural finance, minor forest produce, sericulture 
and fisheries. The lead papers search for the AMULs of 1945 
among the organisations operating in the length and breadth 
of India today and explore strategies to make them as salient 
as the AMULs of today. Paperback, 1996, 524 pages, Rs.400 
(Overseas US$40).

Volume III, Co-operatives in the Emerging Context, contains 
24 papers. They explore the ways and means of preserving the 
spirit, viability and hence the relevance of co-operatives. 
How are individual co-operatives responding to the challenges 
posed by the economic reforms? Which are the new sectors 
being opened up for co-operatives? How should co-operatives 
help each other? 

Paperback, 1996, 548 pages, Rs.400 (overseas US$40). Price of 
three volume set Rs.1000 (overseas US$100).

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