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December, 1996
(Source: Coop Dialogue, Vol.4, No.4, May-Dec.)


(For Private Circulation only - Vol. 4, No. 4  May - Dec '96)
A Journal of the ICA Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific


Page 01	Facilitating 'Co-operative' Management Development
	Dr. Peter Davis, Director of the Unit for Membership-based 
Organisations at the & Management Centre of the University of Leicester 
logically explains the need for 'Management Development' in Co-operative
 organisations to survive the competition from other sectors in the open
 market economy.


Page 07	Raising Awareness about Gender in the Co-operative Sector :
 A case of the State of Rajasthan, India
	Mr. Vinod Zutshi is the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
 Rajasthan, India. He explains the efforts being done in Rajasthan for 
Raising Awareness about Gender Issues in Co-operatives. He 
the need for promotional activities and awareness generation camps for
 increasing the involvement of women in co-operatives.


Page 11	The Capability Poverty Measure -A new tool for poverty measurement
	In this article, Upali Herath is analysing the Poverty Measurement 
tool introduced by UNDP in its Human Development Report 1996
Page 18	Economic development and Job Creation - Some innovative
 experiences from Quebec Co-ops
	The author Claude Beland explains the valuable experiences on 
economic development and job creation from Quebec Co-operatives. 

Page 15	A Just Blend for Producers and Consumers - The Fair Trade Labelling
 Scheme of TransFair International
	Dr. Martin Kunz, General Secretary of TransFair International writes 
about the now popular 'Fairtrade' and how it works.

Human Rights
Page 23	Universal Declaration of Human Rights
	The full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is 
reproduced here. The declaration is all the more relevant in the current 

Consumer Co-ops
Page 26	Rebuilding a Co-op -Co-op Kobe
	Explains the historic efforts of re-building the Earthquake-destroyed
 Co-op Kobe
Page 28	Book Reviews
Page 30	Training Opportunities
Page 32	Recent ICA ROAP  Publications
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