Resolution on Peace

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         January 1996

                       Resolution on Peace 

     (submitted by the Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union and
               approved by the ICA General Assembly, 1995)

The Centennial Congress of the ICA, at its meeting in Manchester
in September 1995, reaffirming its own efforts for world peace:

RECALLS        that the ICA Rules call upon member organisations
               to "contribute to international peace and
               security", and that it is now 50 years since the
               end of the Second World War, which brought the
               greatest destruction in the history of mankind;

GRIEF          over the fact that armed conflicts in numerous
               parts of the world still sacrifice a large number
               of people, including innocent women and children;

CONCERN        about their hindering effects on economic and
               social progress, not only in those areas but also
               in the whole world, thus jeopardising global peace
               and the environment;

DECLARES       the will of co-operators worldwide to make efforts
               to create a peaceful world, and their prayers for
               early solutions to these problems;

SUPPORTS       the Resolution adopted by the World Summit for
               Social Development, held in Copenhagen in March
               1995, on the "20/20" initiatives for reducing the
               growing gaps between rich and poor nations;

CONFIRMS       the actual contributions which the co-operative
               movement is making to promote the increased
               participation of women at the 4th World Conference
               on Women, to be held in Beijing in September 1995,
               and to support the development of affordable
               housing at the UN Conference on Human Settlement
               (Habitat II), to be held in Istanbul in June 1996;

RECOGNISES     the importance of following up on the themes of
               these Conferences in each country, and to this end
               the necessity of disarmament, protection of human
               rights, and elimination of disparity and
               discrimination of all kinds;

WELCOMES       a series of peace initiatives taken by the UN
               General Assembly, including the Resolution adopted
               on 2 November 1994 concerning the convening of the
               4th UN Special Session on Disarmament, and the
               Resolution adopted on 15 December 1994 requesting
               an advisory opinion from the International Court
               of Justice on the legality of the threat or use of
               nuclear weapons;

URGES          co-operators in the world to make efforts by
               various means for the success of the UN Special
               Session on Disarmament towards overall
               disarmament, the early elimination of nuclear
               weapons, and the establishment of a non-violent
               world; and

FURTHER ASKS   member organisations to disseminate the
               above-mentioned ICA peace initiatives in each
               country, and to contribute to creating a climate
               for world peace through the mobilisation of public