Resolution on Lars Marcus

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         January 1996

          (submitted by NCBA, USA, on Lars Marcus and
          approved by the ICA General Assembly, 1995)

WHEREAS        Lars Marcus, after 11 years of extremely dedicated
               leadership of the International Co-operative
               Alliance, is stepping down as President of the

WHEREAS        Lars Marcus has been an outstanding leader in a
               period of great transition including dramatic
               political changes in Central and Eastern Europe
               and the continued growth of ICA in Africa, the
               America  and the Asia-Pacific region, along with a
               resurgence of co-operatives throughout the world;

WHEREAS        Lars Marcus has demonstrated his political acumen
               and led the ICA to a respected position in the
               world's Community of Nations;

WHEREAS        Lars Marcus has kept the ICA in the forefront of
               the training and development of co-operative
               leadership through his support of people all over
               the world;

WHEREAS        Lars Marcus has presided over great changes faced
               by the ICA and has always kept the Alliance true
               to the principles set down by the co-operative
               pioneers 150 years ago;

RESOLVED       that the General Assembly, at this Centennial
               Congress, does wish to express its thanks for the
               leadership and guidance which Lars Marcus has
               provided during his eleven years as President.

RESOLVED       that Lars Marcus may have many happy and healthy
               years ahead in his well-earned retirement.