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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         13 September 1995

ICA Rules - Section IV.  Governing Bodies and Congress

Article 12. Authorities.

The Authorities of the ICA are: General Assembly, Regional 
Assemblies, Board, Auditing and Control Committee, President.

Article 14. General Assembly

(a)     The General Assembly, being the highest authority  of
ICA, shall consist of representatives appointed by affiliated 
organisations for a four-year term, and one representative
each of the Specialised Organisations and Committees;
(b)     the General Assembly, as a rule, shall meet every
        Extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly may  be
-    on the decision of the Board, or
-    at the request of one-fifth of member  organisations or 
-    one-fifth of the total representatives'votes in the
General Assembly.

(c)     all member organisations, subject to the full 
discharge of their financial obligations, shall be entitled to
at least one representative with a vote;

(d)     the number of representatives shall depend on the
of subscriptions paid to the ICA Head Office and shall be
calculated in accordance with the rules set by the General
Assembly, provided no single member organisation or a group of
member organisations from one   country shall have more than

Article 15.  Powers of the General Assembly

The General Assembly shall have the following powers:

(a)     to formulate and implement the policy on major issues
affecting the future of the ICA and the world-wide

(b)     to approve the work programme of the ICA;

(c)     to elect the Board and the Audit and Control

(d)     to approve the appointment of the Director-General on
recommendation of the Board;

(e)     to amend the ICA Rules, and Standing Orders, Policies
Procedures, by a majority of two-thirds of the votes

(f)     to decide on the membership subscriptions and
representation formulae;

(g)     to approve the ICA budget, annual audited accounts and
report of the Audit and Control Committee;

(h)     to confirm on behalf of the ICA all dispositions taken
by the Board, or by any other regional or specialised body of
ICA, which impose liabilities or obligations on the ICA, such
investments, borrowings, mortgages, buying and selling of real
estate, as well as other agreements;

(i)     to approve the establishment or dissolution of ICA
Specialised Bodies on the recommendation of the Board;

(j)     to decide upon the dissolution of the ICA by a
of two-thirds of the votes represented.

All questions, on which the General Assembly votes, unless
specified otherwise, shall be decided by a majority of the
cast. In special circumstances voting may be by