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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         7 September 1995

       ICA Rules - Section IV.  Governing Bodies and Congress

Article 12. Authorities.

The Authorities of the ICA are: General Assembly,
Regional Assemblies, Board, Auditing and Control
Committee, President.

Article 20.  President

(a)     The President is the chief representative of the
ICA and shall preside over the General Assembly and Board
of the ICA;

(b)     the President shall provide the policy and
organisational leadership of the ICA, in collaboration
with the Director-General;

(c)     the President shall meet once a year with the
Auditing and Control Committee to review the finances of
the ICA;

(d)     the Vice-Presidents shall assist and support the
President in every possible way. One of them, appointed
by the President, or by the Board, shall act in the
absence of the President and, in such cases, shall act    
in the name of the President;

(e)     the President shall have the right to attend the
meetings of the ICA Specialised Bodies.