ICA News on Regional Assembly for Asia & Pacific (1996)

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         July, 1996
          (Source: ICA News, Issue No.3, 1996, pp.3)

               Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly 
The second ICA Regional Assembly of 1996 was held in Petaling
Jaya, Malaysia, from 13-14 June under the chairmanship of
Royal Professor Ungku A. Aziz, President of the National
Co-operative Organisation of Malaysia, ANGKASA.  
Among the agenda issues dealt with by the 1800 participants
were: approval of a new four-year development plan (1997-2000)
for the Region l Office;
*   review of the report of the advisory committee on the
    policy and direction of the Regional Office, which
    recommended that efforts be focused in the areas of
    improving the business efficiency of co-operatives, human
    resource development, and improvement of co-operatives'
    image and relations with government;
*   approval of a model constitution for adoption by
    Specialised Regional Committees;
*   establishment of two working groups to draw up guidelines
    for the establishment of regional housing and women's
*   reports on national progress in publicising and using the
    Co-operative Identity Statement;
*   preparations for the next meeting of Co-operative
    Ministers and leaders, scheduled to be held in Thailand
    in March 1997;
*   acceptance of the offer by Bangladesh to host the 1998
    Regional Assembly.
The participants also decided that the nomination of a
candidate for election as ICA Vice-President would be
postponed until the March 1997 meeting of the regional
Executive Council.

In his opening address to the Assembly, ICA President Graham
Melmoth noted that the rapid growth of economies and
co-operative movements in the Asia-Pacific region had
generated both opportunities and anxieties.  

Referring to the wish expressed by some Asian members for
greater representation on the ICA Board, and for retaining a
larger percentage of subscription payments for use in the
region, he said that both issues are being examined within the
global ICA context by the Special Board Committee on Rules and
Finance, which will present its proposals for change to the
1997 General Assembly. 

At the conclusion of the Assembly Mr. Melmoth paid tribute to
the retiring Regional Director, G.K. Sharma, for the progress
made by ICA in the region during the last nine years, and
introduced the newly-appointed Regional Director, Robby Tulus
of Indonesia, who will take up his position on 1 October.