ICA Regional Assembly, 1996: Provisional Agenda

 This document has been made available in electronic format by
       the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
  Second Meeting, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia), 13-15 June 1996
                      PROVISIONAL AGENDA
1.   Opening Session
2.   Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman
3.   Approval of the Agenda
4.   Adoption of the Minutes of the First Meeting of the ICA
     Regional Assembly held in Delhi (India), 5-6 January 1995
5.   Review of Action taken on Minutes of the First Meeting of
     the Regional Assembly of January, 1995
6.   Review of Membership and Subscription from the Region
7.   Establishment of Fee for Association Members and Observers
     in the Regional Assembly under Rule 4
8.   Consideration of Report of the Advisory Committee on the
     Policy and Direction of ICA ROAP  appointed by the Regional
     Assembly in January, 1995
9.   Reports by Specialized Committees
10.  Consideration of the draft Four Year Regional Development
     Plan of ICA ROAP
11.  Report of IDACA Activities
12.  Consideration of Model Constitution of Specialized
13.  Consideration of Proposal for the Formation of an ICA
     Regional Women's Committee for Asia and the Pacific
14.  Consideration of the Statement on Co-operative Identity as
     approved by the ICA Congress
15.  Progress on the Fourth Co-operative Ministers Conference,
     Thailand, 1997
16.  Nomination of Vice Presidential Candidate for approval at
     ICA General Assembly 1997 Meeting
17.  Any Other Business
18.  Date and Venue of Next Meeting

For further information on the Regional Assembly including
registration and documentation, please contact:
               Mr. G.K. Sharma
               Director, ICA Regional Office for Asia and the
               Pacific (ROAP)
               Bonow House, 43 Friends Colony (East)
               PO Box 7311
               New Delhi 110 065, India
               tel + 91 11 683 51 23
               fax + 91 11 683 55 68
               e-mail  icaroap@unv.ernet.in

22 March 1996