ICA: Regional Assembly Minutes, 1995

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        by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 

                         November 1995


     CWS, New Century Hall, Manchester - 19 September 1995


1. Opening and Welcome
The ICA Vice-President and Chairman of the Regional Assembly
for Europe, Graham Melmoth, opening the meeting, welcomed
participants and expressed the UK movement's  honour to host
the Special Regional Assembly for Europe, on the occasion of
the ICA Centennial Congress in Manchester.

Mr. Melmoth officially called the meeting to order asking
participants to approve the Agenda and the order of procedure.
The agenda, as circulated to ICA Members in Europe on 28
August 1995, was approved.

Mr. Melmoth informed participants that no comments have been
received from ICA Members in Europe on the Minutes of the last
Regional Assembly held in Prague on 26 and 27 October 1994.
The minutes were approved.

2. Adoption of new Rules and Standing Orders of the European

Mr. Melmoth asked the Vice-Chairman, Ota Karen, to give an
account to participants on the revision by the special
committee of the provisional Rules, established in Prague.

Mr. Karen informed participants on the essential amendments
proposed by ICA members in Europe and accepted by the
committee on which basis the Rules and Standing Orders were
modified and circulated to all ICA members on 28 August 1995.

The Assembly noted that a proposal by CCU, Bulgaria, to amend
Article 7(1) to provide for 12 ordinary members of Council
instead of 10 had been withdrawn.

Mr. Ellis Wohlner, Folksam, Sweden took the floor to point out
some contradictions which still appeared in the text,
referring to majority of representatives present or majority
of votes, particularly between Articles 3.g and 6.3 as well as
between Articles 5.3 and 6.1.

Mr. Melmoth suggested a last revision by the special committee
of the Articles concerned before publishing the final text and
asked representatives of ICA member organisations in Europe to
approve (by a show of voting cards) the Rules, subject to the
removal of the inconsistencies pointed out.
The recommendation of the chairman was accepted without

3. Elections
In accordance with the voting procedures ballot papers were
distributed to the representatives of ICA members in Europe
and the Chairman proposed to proceed to voting by secret
ballot for the vacant positions of the Council. 

He informed participants on the official nominations of Mr.
Lars Hillbom by KF Sweden and Mr. Giuliano Vecchi by
Confcooperative and Lega, Italy for the position of Chairman
of the European Regional Assembly; on the nomination of Ms.
Raija Itkonen by FCCA, Finland for the position of
Vice-Chairman; and on the nominations of Mr. Hans-Detlef
Wulker by the German co-operative movement and Mr. Edmund B.
Bubak by Spolem, Poland for the position of member of the

He also informed ICA members in Europe about the withdrawal of
the nomination of Mr. Pancho Ivanov, Central Co-op Union of
Bulgaria which was announced after the European Council
meeting held previous to the Regional Assembly.

Voting by secret ballot was then conducted for the positions
indicated above.

On the suggestion of Mr, Melmoth, Mr. Lars Marcus, ICA
President, and Mr. Claes Thorselius, ICA Deputy
Director-General supervised the counting of ballots.

Mr. Melmoth announced the names of successful candidates,
based on a total of 168 eligible ballots:

- Mr. Lars Hillbom was elected Chairman of the European
Council with 116 votes;

- Ms. Raija Itkonen was elected Vice-Chairman of the Council
with 155 votes;

- Dr. Hans-Detlef Wulker was elected member of the Council
with 106 votes.

4.  Co-option of a replacement member on to the Council
The Chairman informed the Regional Assembly about the proposal
of the Consejo Superior de Cooperativas de Euskadi - in
compliance with Article 7.5 of the new Rules - that Juan Luis
Arrieta Pancaldai be co-opted to the European Council in place
of Javier Sanz.

By show of hands the co-option was approved without dissent by
the representatives of the member organisations in Europe.

5. Activity Report and Priorities for ICA Europe Work

Arsenio Invernizzi, Secretary of the European Council reported
on the activities implemented on the six priorities approved
by the Regional Assembly in Prague, October 1994. He pointed
out that the Council proposed  the ICA members in Europe to
approve the following four priorities for 1996-97, as
indicated in Annex 3 of the Agenda circulated:

1.   Strengthening of Co-operatives in Eastern and Central
     Europe, in collaboration with the Co-op Network;

2.   Code of practice, governing methods and management
     control systems;

3.   Sustainable Human Development;

4.   Co-operative Image in Europe: Improving Information and

The secretary explained that further activities related to
Co-operatives and Schools would be included in priority 4 and
that it was appropriate for gender issues to constitute a
global priority of the overall strategy rather than a separate
priority in itself.
The priorities as presented to the members were approved.

6. Motion on Gender Equality in Co-operatives
Invited by the Chairman, Ms. Raija Itkonen explained the great
significance of the motion on Gender Equality in
Co-operatives, approved by the ICA European Council and to be
submitted to the ICA General Assembly. The ICA European
Council proposed in fact that co-operatives commit themselves
to active promotion of equality between women and men, as a
key to co-operative excellence.

By show of hands the text of the motion was accepted as well
as the formal submission of the motion to the ICA General
Assembly for approval.

7. Date and venue of the next Regional Assembly
Mr. Melmoth suggested that participants should postpone the
discussion on the date and venue of the next Regional
Assembly, which by the Rules should be convened either by the
Regional Assembly or by the Council. He proposed the new
Chairman of the European Regional Assembly, Mr. Lars Hillbom,
should take this decision together with the European Council
at its next meeting.
The recommendation was accepted by the Regional Assembly.

8. Closing
There being no further business, the Chairman expressed his
appreciation to the participants of the Special Regional
Assembly for Europe, presenting the best wishes to the newly
elected Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Council Member.

Before closing the meeting the Chairman reminded participants
of the new composition of the ICA European Council consisting
of 13 members:
Lars Hillbom, Sweden - Chairman; Raija Itkonen, Finland and
Ota Karen, Czech Republic - Vice-Chairmen; Pal Bartus,
Hungary; Valentin Ermakov, Russia; Jean-Frangois Hoffelt,
Belgium; Etienne Pflimlin, France; Knud Rasmussen, Denmark;
Marian Rybar, Slovak Republic; Juan Luis Arrieta, Spain; Rolf
Trodin, Sweden; Giuliano Vecchi, Italy; and Hans-Detlef
Wulker, Germany, members.

The meeting closed at 5.00 p.m.