Health Co-ops Meeting Decides to Form a Committee (1996)

This document has been made available in electronic format 
by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA
December, 1996
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.3, No.1
Sept-Dec.,1996, p.7)

Health Co-ops Meeting Decides to form a Committee

The second meeting of the Asia Pacific Health Co-operatives 
held at Mumbai, India on 01 November 1996 decided to form a 
Asia Pacific Health Co-operative Organisation eventually.

Thirty-eight delegates from India, Nepal, South Korea, Sri 
Lanka and Japan reviewed their developmental stage and discussed 
the possibility of networking and mutual co-operation among themselves. 
As per the discussions, it has been found there has been an uneven 
development of health co-operatives in the region starting with small
 users or provider based health co-operation having small clinics up to 
hi-tech co-op hospitals in Japan. 

In some countries these co-operatives are registered under different 
types of legislation. They are also under pressure from the open 
economic policies. The delegates appointed a working committee 
consisting of Japan, India and Sri Lanka
to decide on the constitution, financial structure and the relationship 
with the IHCO by the proposed Asia Pacific Co-op. Health Organization. 
The committee has already met in Colombo on 26 December 1996 and 
discussed a draft  onstitution. 

The final report will be discussed in Chiangmai, Thailand when they 
meet on 22 March 1997. It is expected that the organization will come 
to effect by early 1998.