Strategy for Consumer Co-operative Development in Vietnam (1996)

This document has been made available in electronic format 
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
December, 1996
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.3, No.1
Sept-Dec.,1996, p.5)

Strategy for Consumer Co-operative Development in Vietnam

The Consumer Co-operative Development Project of the ICA ROAP 
supported through facilitation a National Workshop sponsored by 
the member affiliate VICOOPSME in Ho Chi Minh city in October,

Forty delegates participated from Consumer Co-operatives and 
Government agencies presented a clear picture of the changing 
scenario of consumer business under transitional economy of Vietnam. 
Some resource papers urged to adopt a bottom up approach for 
development and  gradually pace out the government intervention. 
Some case studies revealed success stories of transition from a 
centralised economy to a more open economy with more business 
opportunities for co-operatives.

Input from other countries were provided by Co-op Kobe, Co-operative 
League of Thailand and Denmark.

The Regional Seminar on Consumer Co-op Development: The ICA ROAP 
presented a critique of the current  developmental stage of co-operatives 
in Vietnam and the emerging issues of market economy trends. 
The resource papers can be obtained from the ICA ROAP.

The Workshop came to several conclusions. Most important ones are:

-	Measures should be taken to restructure the consumer co-operatives 
through capital mobilisation from members savings and maintain a close 
relation with local authorities.

-	General guidelines for co-operation in regard to capital formation 
networking, employer motivation have to be introduced.

-	The Ministry of Trade and VICOOPSME should redefine the situation 
of co-operatives in the economy.

-	New models of Co-operatives are needed to be introduced based on 
the need of the community.