Echoes (1998)

This document has been made available in electronic
format by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
June, 1998
(Source: ICA Regional Office for West Africa -Activity Report for 1996-1997, pp. 40-45)


The meeting of the ICA for Africa was not overlooked in Dakar. The Senegalese press covered the event. Senegalese newspapers celebrated the ICA meetings in Dakar and the presence of the ICA President, Mr. Graham Melmoth, accompanied by his wife and the ICA General Director, Mr. Bruce Thordarson, at these sessions. The audience included several Senegalese authorities. Representatives of the Senegalese press followed the various meetings. Visits of the co-operatives were arranged as well as a visit to Gorea..

Participants in the various meetings agreed to give their opinions about their stay. You will find below some of their comments. Due to space constraints, we sincerely apologise to those who could not be cited here.

Question : What are your feelings on the Dakar meetings?

Answer: "Thanks for the question. My feelings can be summed up in a single word: satisfaction!"- Koukponou Charles - FECECAM (Benin)

"I would like to congratulate ICA/ROWA for the perfect organisation of meetings characterised by high quality debates." - Amadou Coulibaly - Djiboua -Divo (Côte d'Ivoire).

"The Dakar meetings, for me, have been a structure for enrichment and reflection."- Nikiema Anatole - UCOBAM (Burkina Faso).

The workshop on `Training, Education, Communication, and Information in Co-operatives' began well. In general, participants were satisfied. Here are a few reflections:

Question : What are your feelings on this seminar?

"A high-level and very instructive seminar» - M. Degbelo (Cliniques Coop - Benin)

"First of all, I am satisfied with the relevance of the themes addressed, and secondly, with the richness of the exchanges that this seminar made possible"- Dosso Mamadou - URECOS-CI (Côte d'Ivoire).

"I am very impressed. It was an enriching experience".- James Olesite - Botswana Agricultural marketing Co-operative Union - Botswana.

Question : What kind of concrete applications of the recommendations would you make for your organisation/institution ?

"I am very happy to have been invited to this seminar. I hope I do the following: i)decide on what information to disseminate to co-operators in the country; ii) organise funds to be able to pass the information; iii) decide on fICAlitators" - Gakure GK. - - Kenya National Federation of Co-operatives -(on the left with Mr Hoseta Kiplagat - Kenya)

"As soon as I return...I will begin implementing an efficient policy for self-funding and a training unit, which I have always advocated." - M'Bo Achi Bernard - SCAGBO - Agboville (Côte d'Ivoire)

"We will try to consider this more in our training programs"- Sawadogo M. - CESAO - Burkina Faso

"The workshop was very successful and brought up a new dimension to management training in co-operatives. My organisation will endeavour to integrate these new dimensions in the curriculum. This will mean retraining of the trainers to fICAlitate development of the new curriculum." - Ester Gicheru - College Cooperative - Kenya

and many other images......

First, the Senegalese Government support to the Co-operative Movement was illustrated by the numerous audiences accorded to the ICA President....By Mr. Ousmane N'Diaye, General Secretary of Government; by Mr. Famara Sagna, President of Economic and Social Council; By Mr. Robert Sagna, Minister of State, Minister of Agriculture; by also Mr Abdoulaye Bathily, Minister of Environment and Mr. Landing Sané, Minister of Transports.