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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         7 September 1995

             ICA Rules - Section V.  Administration

Article 22.  Regional Offices

In order to extend the services of the ICA Head Office,
the ICA may establish Regional Offices headed by Regional
Directors, appointed by and acting under the authority 
of the Director-General of the ICA, with responsibility

(a)     co-ordination and implementation of the ICA
co-operative development programme within the region;

(b)     representation of members' policy concerns to
governmental bodies and the public;

(c)     promotion and defense of co-operative values and

(d)     organisation of the Regional Assemblies.

These offices are to be established with the
collaboration and agreed financial support of the
co-operative organisations in the Regions, subject to
approval of the General Assembly.

The Regional Directors shall be responsible for
submitting annual programmes and budgets to the
Director-General for approval and inclusion in the
overall global budget of the ICA. The Director-General
shall also approve all agreements with funding agencies.