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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         7 September 1995

             ICA Rules - Section V.  Administration

Section V.  Administration

Article 21. Director-General

The Director-General is the Chief Executive Officer of
the ICA, accountable to the Board, and, as such,
responsible for the leadership, recruitment and efficient
management of its Secretariat.

The Director-General shall:

(a)     be responsible for implementing the policies of
the ICA Authorities and take the necessary initiatives to
present to the Board and General Assembly any relevant
issues affecting the co-operative movement;

(b)     attend and advise the meetings of the ICA
Authorities, without voting right;

(c)     prepare documentation for the meetings of the ICA

(d)     report to the Board on the use of finances,
implementation of the work programme and changes in

(e)     maintain close working relations with the ICA
Specialised Organisations, and provide support as
mutually agreed to the Specialised Committees of the ICA;

(f)     maintain relations with the ICA's present and
potential members, and submit regular reports on
membership issues to the Board;

(g)     designate a member of the Secretariat as
second-in-command, subject to Board approval;

(h)     deal with any other issues as may be required by
the Board.