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What is ICACC (1998)

ICA Communications Committee (ICACC)

November 1998

The  ICACC  is a specialised committee of the International Co-operative Alliance. Its objectives are:

* To contribute to the fulfilment of the ICA aims as formulated in the ICA Rules and Standing Orders;
* To improve the professional competence, the effectiveness and knowledge of the people responsible for co-operative information and relations with the media in the organisations affiliated to the ICA;
* To contribute to the development of the co-operative press;
* To foster contacts among co-operative communicators in order to encourage the exchange of experience and co-operation.

All journalists, editors, publishers, and other communicators employed by ICA member organisations are eligible for membership. Programme administration costs are covered through a CHF 400.- subscription fee to members, plus in-kind support from members whose organisations cannot afford the fee.

All expenses incurred by members attending meetings of the Committee are the responsibility of their organisations. Meetings are held at least once per calendar year.

The programme of activities is designed to complement the ICA communications programme.

The current workplan includes:

* Input to ICA News;

* Promotion of ICA publications;

* Provision of a news service to ICA Congress and statutory meetings;

* Workshops for journalists.

In addition, the Committee undertakes various special projects, such as training courses for co-operative journalists from developing and Eastern and Central European countries, the last of which took place in Loughborough near Manchester in 1995. These depend upon additional funding provided by members and affiliated organisations.

ICA is an independent, non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. Founded in 1895, it now has 232 members in 93 countries, plus four international members.

Chairman:      Mr. Poul Dines
Director of Communications
Union of Danish Consumer Co-operatives (FDB)
Roskildevej 65
2620 Albertslund
Tel: (45) 43 86 43 86
Fax: (45) 43 86 44 89
E-mail :

Vice-Chairman: Mr. Iain Williamson
Chief of Information
Co-operative Union Ltd.
Holyoake House, Hanover Street
Manchester M60 OAS
United Kingdom
Tel: (44-161) 832 4300
Fax: (44-161) 831 7684
Telex: 667046 CWS LTD G

Secretary:      Ms. Mary Treacy
Director of Communications
International Co-operative Alliance
15, route des Morillons
1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva
Tel: (41-22) 929 88 23/28
Fax: (41-22) 798 41 22

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