International Co-operative Banking Association (ICBA)(1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.2 - Annual Report 1996-1997, pp.37-39)

International Co-operative Banking Association 1996/1997(ICBA)

Report by Claude Beland/Ghislain Paradis

Executive Committee
President:	Claude Beland (Quebec, Canada)

Former President:	Terry Thomas (U.K.)
Secretary:	Ghislain Paradis (Quebec, Canada)
Vice-Presidents:	E.H. Boohene (Ghana); E.K. Mureithi (Kenya); 
J.A. Nino (Panama); E. Pflimlin (France); B.S. Vishwanathan (India); 
El Haloui (Morocco)

Members:	M. Cardozo (Uruguay); J.-C. Detilleux (France);
 E. Laskiewicz (Poland); T.O. Olupitan (Nigeria); C. Snyder (USA)

Associate:	C. Baker (WOCCU)

Vice-Presidents & Regional Chairmen: 	

E. Pflimlin (Europe), E.K. Mureithi (East, Central and South Africa), 
M. Cardozo (Latin America), E.H. Boohene (West Africa),
J.A. Nino (The Americas), B.S. Vishwanathan (Asia and the Pacific),
M. El Haloui (North Africa and Middle East),
(Commonwealth of Independent States, orgainsation in progress)

Central Executive 
Cttee Members: 	T. Thomas (U.K.), J.-C. Detilleux (France), 
E. Laskiewicz (Poland), T.O. Olupitan (Nigeria), C. Snyder (USA)

The International Co-operative Banking Association was set up by
national co-operative banks and financial organizations:

-	To exchange information;

-	To promote co-operation among co-operative banks;

-	To promote the development of new co-operative banks through
 advice and assistance;

-	To research and study subjects of common interest, i.e. capital
 formation, co-operative values as applied to banking, etc.

Membership is open to all banks and central thrift and credit organizations 
through one of the eight Regional Committees or by direct membership in 
the Central Executive Committee.

The ICBA Central Executive Committee maintains close contact with the 
European Association of Co-operative Banks in Brussels and the World 
Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU, USA).

In September 1995, Claude Beland, President of the Mouvement 
des caisses Desjardins (Quebec, Canada) was elected President of 
the ICBA succeeding Terry Thomas (U.K.).

Meetings and issues:
A Central Executive Committee meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary 
on October 24, 1996 followed by a Plenary Session on October 25, 1996. 
An invitation was extended to all co-operators to attend this important
meeting. The theme was "Co-operative banks 

On April 9, 1997 in Geneva (Switzerland) a Central Executive Committee 
meeting took place. The main object of this meeting was to pursue discussions
on ICBA status and orientation, its relations with IRU, and to launch a survey
on a descriptive inventory the capitalization of co-operative banks.

ICBA Secretariat has carried out a survey on the status and orientation of
the Association. The survey results were presented on the occasion of the 
Plenary Session in Budapest (Hungary), on October 25. 

ICBA and IRU agreed to reinforce their collaboration on issues 
of mutual interest.

Other events:
The President, Claude Beland, was invited to make a presentation on the 
occasion of the Fourth Latin America Financial Convention, which took 
place October 2 to 4, 1996 in Panama City (Panama). The title of his
presentation was: "The contribution to the strengthening of the social economy". 

Mr. Beland also made a presentation at the ICA-Americas "96 Regional
Conference", which took place in San Jose (Costa Rica) in November
1996. The topic was "De-Globalization. Global Challenge - Local Markets". 

Mr. Beland was also invited to make a presentation on the occasion of the 
ICBA Latin America Regional Committee Seminar, in Montevideo (Uruguay), 
April 29 and 30, 1997. The topic of Mr. Beland's conference was "The 
Globalization and the local markets: Co-operative Banks strategy". 

Following this event, the President met with students and other personalities 
at the BAR-ILAN University in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on May 2, 1997.

Coming events: 
A Central Executive Committee meeting of the ICBA along with a 
Plenary Session and a Seminar are scheduled on September 16, 17 
and 18, 1997 in Geneva (Switzerland). The theme of the Seminar 
will be: "International Standards Regarding Capital: A Threat or Opportunity
for Financial Co-operatives? "