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What is ICFO (1998)

International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (ICFO)
November 1998

The International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (IFCO) is a specialized organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. This committee was originally founded in 1966, as a sub-committee of the ICA's Agricultural Committee, but it became an independent body in 1976. The Fisheries Committee has 23 member organisations from 21 countries. It considers its main goals to be the following:

* The creation of new co-operative fisheries organisations;

* Co-operative training and education by the co-operative movements of advanced countries, including the production of educational material;

* The exchange of technical information movements on a global basis;

* The promotion of trade.

In order to promote regional development, the Fisheries Committee has created a Sub-committee for South-East Asia, with a Secretariat in the premises of the ICA Regional Office in New Delhi. This sub-committee comprises the fisheries co-operative organisations of 12 countries.

The Fisheries Committee organizes seminars on fisheries co-operatives every year in two countries where it has members. The main emphasis of the seminar is placed on the development of leadership in the fisheries co-operative sector. Other major activities of the Committee include undertaking and publishing the results of surveys or studies on various aspects of the sector, such as on fisheries insurance, credit business etc.,

Considering that nearly all developing countries possess coastline, the potential for growth of fisheries co-operatives is great. Therefore, one of the most important objectives of the Fisheries Committee is to provide information to its members and to promote the exchange of experience between co-operatives in different countries.

ICA is an independent, non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. Founded in 1895, it now has 232 national members in 95 countries, plus four international members.

Chairman:           Mr. Shoji Uemura
Co-operative Building, 7th floor
National Federation of Fisheries
Co-operative Association (ZENGYOREN)
1-1-12 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, 101, Japan
Tel: (81-3) 3294 9617
Fax: (81-3) 3294 9602
Telex: 222-6234 ZENGYOJ
E-mail :

General Secretary:   Mr. Giichi Suzuki
Same address as that for Chairman

Secretary:                Mr. Masaaki Sato
Same address as that for Chairman

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